Advice 1: How to germinate barley

Currently, barley is widely used in food, technical and fodder purposes. Also it is used in the brewing industry. To grow barley yourself. Great attention should be paid to the germination of the seed.
How to germinate barley
Barley grain for the beginning rinse with cool boiled water. Then soak for 36 hours in the water. Every 7 hours to change it. After you have completed soaking, wet grain is put between two layers of gauze or cotton. It must be pre-wet with warm water. Place the gauze on the bottom of an enamel or glass cookware.
Then close the bowl cover and leave in a dark place. The temperature should be about 20 degrees. In the process of germination periodically moisten the top layer of tissue that covers the grain of barley. The grain once a day ventilate. To do this, just 20 minutes open the lid and remove the top layer of fabric. 3 days should be barley sprouts to a height of approximately 3 mm. Speed of germination mainly depends on the variety and quality of barley grain. After the germination process is complete, the barley a good rinse in cool boiled water 2-3 times. Now it can be eaten.
Barley seedlings must have a length of not more than 3 mm. It is in these germs there is a high concentration of biologically active substances and vitamins. Sprouted grains of barley to store in the refrigerator no more than days.
If you need to cook barley malt, for the start of the grain soak for 2 days in a glass container. Water change every 9 hours. Periodically leave the grain without water for 2-3 hours. After the process is unable to start their germination. It will take about a week. The whole process of germination, the grain is periodically moisten and gently stir. Already on day 3 you should see the sprouts. A week later, the sprouts length will be 1.5 length of the barley grain. Svezhepoymannyh malt can be stored up to 3 days. If you need to store it long term, get to drying. Dry barley for about 18 hours at a temperature of 45-55 degrees.

Advice 2 : How to remove barley

If eye jumped barley, pleasant enough. This looks terrible, interferes with focus and creates a lot of discomfort. You have itchy eyes, irritation and swelling, and how from this to get rid of, absolutely not clearly. Not to worry, the barley in the eye, you can easily and quickly turn into a memory.
How to remove barley
You will need
  • - eye ointment with an antibiotic;
  • - eye drops;
  • - boiled egg;
  • - chamomile;
  • - black tea.
Washing. Be sure to rinse eyes with warm disinfectant solution. This may be a weak salt solution, strong black tea without additives or chamomile. The purpose of the treatment is warming and the elimination of infection from the eye. Often when a strong inflammatory process drops and ointments provide only local and temporary effects, and most of the bacteria that cause calmly continue to bask in your eye. To minimize the spread of infection, wash five times a day the patient eye with a warm solution of the above funds.
The causative agents of the disease, which is popularly known as "barley" - bacteria, that is why they are very susceptible to the effects of antibiotics. Start a massive attack on pathogens with tetracycline ointment and antibiotic drops. Drops good for burrowing during the day, but the ointment is to be created eyelid swelling place for the night. A few days later a similar directional influence and barley will not be over. The pharmacy can consult a pharmacist and purchase drops with the antibiotic. Good help, "Floksal" and "TOPEX".
It is possible to treat barley on the eye of a hot egg. Don't underestimate the power of this ancient method of fighting the disease. The fact that resorption barley capsules promotes dry heat, namely, the egg is able to give the required temperature to produce heating of the eye point. Cook hard-boiled egg, cool slightly and wrap with a handkerchief or thin towel. The temperature should be such that you can feel the heat, but it could be tolerated. The sharp end will attach to the area of barley and warm as long as you can stand. The minimum time for this procedure is 10 minutes.
Usually barley, if properly treated, takes place over 7-10 days. If not, be sure to consult an eye specialist. Most likely, you have other eye disease, diagnosis and treatment which should be done only specialist.
Useful advice
Hot egg can be carried out not only warming, but also to do rubbing massage. Prokatyvaja sharp tip of the egg at the place where the barley. Such movements, together with heat have a powerful dispersion effect.
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