You will need
  • planting cuttings or roots;
  • seeds;
  • - boxes;
  • - trellis or twine;
  • - mineral or organic fertilizers.
Prepare the land for planting. Better if it will be protected from the wind. Dig the soil deeply and make complex fertilizers or fresh manure. Dig trenches for planting in the autumn. The depth of trenches must be not less than 60 cm Manure put on 30 see If you're making a fertilizer, then dig the trench to a depth of 30 cm Fertilizer in any case make in the fall. Early spring trench must be completely prepared for landing, as the landing is made at a time when the soil is still damp enough, and dig it.
Plant hops cuttings, cut from 3-8 year old plants or seedlings. Distance make 1 meter. But if you plant Japanese hops, and it is used as a hedge most often, do the distance of 25-30 cm.
When planting don't forget that multi-year hops is almost impossible to derive, so only use annuals to plant varieties or plant where it will grow constantly and seize all new territories. To get rid of hops does not help even herbicides continuous action, as in their application dies only the aboveground part and the underground gives new shoots more numerous. Those who once planted perennial hops as a hedge or for decorating buildings, no need to worry about transplanting and reproduction. Hops will annually grow on their own, to sow seeds, and you will just have to put vines on supports or tie twine.
If you want to obtain planting material, visivite seeds in the garden in may. In the early spring make the digging of the rhizomes, divide them into pieces with 3 buds and planted in a permanent place.
You can also get planting material, if you sow the seed in March in boxes, and in one month will raspakirati them in a permanent place.