Advice 1: How to choose a bag suitable to all

Fashion stylists convincingly broadcast on television and the pages of glossy magazines that almost every outfit need to have a perfect bag. Not all women are ready, for, first, a good handbags and clutches are not cheap, and second, many simply don't like daily shift wallet, keys, business card holder, notebook and other contents from one bag to another. The ideal solution is to have one bag that fits everything.
How to choose a bag suitable to all
First, when choosing handbags pay attention to the material from which it is made. Of course, the modern analogues of artificial leather is hardly dismissive to call it "leatherette", but to natural leather in most cases still superior to such materials in all respects. Bag, made of leather of good quality, long wear, it is tactilely pleasing, does not become hard and icy to the touch in the cold season. This accessory will last you much longer than similar, but made of leather.
If for some reason you do not want to buy a bag of genuine leather, note is made of the textile model. From the huge assortment of such handbags you can choose the one that fits your style. The advantages of tissue models can be attributed to their light weight and ease of care.
Buying a bag for the winter, which should fit your entire winter wardrobe, focus on accessory black or brown, especially if you are a fan of the classical style in clothes. In autumn and spring is quite suitable bag noble cognac or deep red colors, again, if you are not prioritize unusual colors when drawing up its image. Ideal for summer is a bag of white or beige.
By purchasing a bag of "every day", do not go to extremes: small clutch bags that barely enters Bank card and lip gloss, of course, look very attractive, but they are completely impractical. Huge sacks, in the depths of which is impossible to find a ringing phone or the keys to the apartment, too, is not very convenient, especially if they do not keep their shape, being half-empty. Choose a medium size bag that looks harmonious and in your hand or on the shoulder.
As for your universal handles handbags, they must be long enough so you can wear it on the shoulder. First, you will have a free hand, and secondly, you will protect yourself from burglars, wresting the purse from the hands of the girls. As an option – the bag can be detachable shoulder strap.
Finally, choose between a bag of a famous brand or product from a trusted manufacturer. The fact that imitations of famous brands or no name bags in most cases, it affects the quality of fittings and lining, causing the operating period not less than one to two seasons. Of course, hardware can be replaced in a repair shop, and the lining – sew, but agree that the new bag is of good quality – it's not the same as the product after repair.

Advice 2 : Bags not like at all

Stylish bag – a decoration of any image. Plastic clutch box will be an unusual addition to a strict dress and pumps, a bright quilted handbag with metal chain will add color to casual and canvas shopper bag with unusual prints will make shopping even more fun.
Plastic jewelry box from Edie Parker

Plastic clutches-boxes

New last season clutch bags-boxes, made of plastic in bright colors. Such clutches may be encrusted with large rhinestones, with pearl ornaments or other intricate patterns. For example, the clutches Edie Parker meet amusing inscriptions, shimmering stars and crescents. Have a model made in the fruit themes, with images of cherries, watermelon or oranges.

The most popular limited line of plastic clutches. So, in some parts of the animal series – you can choose an unusual clutch-box with a picture of a giraffe, a Flamingo or a Toucan. Of accessories from Charlotte Olympia's handbags for Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs. To wear such an unusual handbag in the hand or over the shoulder. Kit with plastic clutch box will be sure to complement the classic black pumps.

Unfortunately, plastic bags from Edie Parker and Charlotte Olympia is one drawback – their price starts from thousands of dollars.

Colored quilted handbags

American brand Rebecca Minkoff every year becomes more and more popular. Price 100 – $ 200 makes the bags of this manufacturer much more accessible dear Chanel, Furla, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and others, but the high quality Rebecca Minkoff is always the same.

Quilted leather handbags Rebecca Minkoff on a Golden or silvery chain, look very elegant, but the shade selection of models allows you to add variety to the wardrobe and make it more refined and unusual. Undoubtedly, models, ultramarine, orange, Burgundy, hot pink, lilac and lemon blossom allocate their possessor from the crowd. Wearing a bright quilted bag with business clothes and casual clothes in a casual style.

An unusual shopper

Fabric bag essential for shopping and for those who are not willing to pay for accessories fabulous sums. Look for unusual bags should be at fairs of the day, such as Sunday Up Market, IDEA fix, "Afisha picnic", "Paradise Apples", festivals and other Seasons. In the market you can find cotton and linen eco-friendly bags, felt and canvas bags, shopping bags with designer illustrations, bags with pictures favorite writers or prints of urban landscapes. There you can find sellers that will take your favorite image on a plain fabric – in this case, the fabric shopper will be truly unique. The cost of this product ranges from 250 to 700 roubles.
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