Make pattern standard duhovnoi skirt. Its length depends on your preference and figure. That pencil skirt is sitting, this drawing need to change a little.
Reduce the width of the skirt hem. From the line of the side seam hem put 2 cm in order to make narrower the skirt. Locate on a drawing the intersection of the hip line and side seam. Start from this point down to 8 see this, swipe down the line to the points obtained for the bottom line.
To narrow skirt allow you to move freely, make one or two cuts. If you want to do the work as quickly as possible, leave the cuts right and left on the seam lines. Note on the pattern height and sewing just fold and finish the edges of the fabric.
Instead of cuts to make the slot on the back panel of the skirt. To do this, this part should be cut out not from a single sheet of fabric and two halves. Measure the hem height, knee-length put on the medial seam point. The left half of the cloth will need to bend and hem, and the right side to carve out a rectangular piece (width 8 cm) and fold in half, forming a slot with a width of 4 cm.
Transfer the pattern to the fabric (adding seam 2-4 cm). Duplicate it on fabric for padding choose a sliding material, which fit in color and will not be electrified. This part must be shorter than the skirt to reach the beginning of the slots or cut-outs.
First treat the lining. Fold and hem the skirt, finish the Darts, side seams. Sometimes to simplify the work on the deposits instead of the tucks make pleats. However, such a model will look less neat.
Sweeps the details of the skirt. Treat Darts, side seams, hem. Connect the lining to the skirt at the belt line, then sew the waistband. Try on the skirt. If it fits, make the seams on the machine, starting with zone and moving down.