To write opinion, to give a correct assessment of the book, read the piece. You have to understand the intent of the author to see read the text of life. Understand the characters ' actions, evaluate their experiences and reflections. Consider what is the position of the author on whose side he was on.
Describe your attitude to the actions of the heroes, depicted events. The same book calls for different readers different impressions. Opinion - this is the exchange of impressions about the book. And that this exchange took place, were interesting and informative, learn to not only Express their opinion but also to justify it. And select the required material from the text.
Think about who will be the addressee of your opinion: a teacher, a friend, parent, librarian, newspaper. Depends on the content, form and purpose of your work. If you want to draw attention to the book, to argue about the characters, write a newspaper article. Here appropriate journalistic style.If you want to share the experience, and the target is far, can use the epistolary genre. Such opinion will differ ease, razgovornogo. If you want to understand difficult issues, analyze the characteristics of the disclosure of the ideological content of the book, the role of artistic and expressive means. This opinion is close to reviews.
Mention some laws of writing a reviewand that can be formulated in the form of questions. 1. Liked the book or not? How is it read? 2. What read? 3. Who are the actors? Who particularly liked? Why? 4. Who doesn't like it? What pushes this character? 5. What is the author's attitude to the characters? What does this mean? 6. What is the main idea of the work? Than it important? 7. What is your General assessment of reading?
In a very brief form reflect the content of the book, otherwise your rating will remain unclear. You can tell something especially interesting to intrigue the guys. But if the book in class, read everything, does not lay its contents.
Pick a title for your image. It should reflect your attitude to the book, inviting to meditation.