You will need
  • Russian - English dictionary;
  • - grammar reference in the English language.
Examine the product, on which you should write a review. If it's a book or a movie in English, understand the subtleties of the content, using the dictionary to translate unfamiliar words.
Start writing a review. Like the English text should be clearly structured. Also note that when writing text to be used written language. It differs from the oral, for example, the abbreviations of words and phrases. For example, if a speech uses an expression I don't, in writing it must be used in the form I do not.
First make the main part of the text. For better reading and structuring of arguments use expressions firstly (first), in the first part (the first part), then (then), secondly (second), lastly, finally (finally), to conclude (finally). If you doubt your knowledge of the syntax, write simple and short expressions. Do not repeat many times in a paragraph the same word, use the synonyms. They can be found in the Russian-English and all-English dictionaries. One of the best editions of the Oxford dictionary, which gives not only a description of the meaning of the word and its synonyms but also word combinations with them.
Write an introduction. It must be issued after the completion of the main part, to reflect its essence. Define the object and subject of the narrative. Also in the introduction you should give brief outline of your main body of text. This will help readers to navigate what will be the text and the questions in it will be affected.
At the end, dedicate some time to the conclusion. As a conclusion you can use these phrases: What I have tried to show... (I tried to show...) , So it can be seen that... ( so you can see that...). Conclusions should be clear and concise.
After writing re-read the text carefully. To correct typing errors, use the automatic spell checker if you are working on the computer.