Tree mascot can charge a person's energy, get rid of negative emotions. This is enough for at least five minutes to cuddle with the right tree in the forest or Park. Not all zodiac signs have sufficient sensitivity to feel the effects of the amulet or talisman made from the wood of a tree-protector, but contact with the living plant has a positive effect on everyone.
Aries are best suited oak, fir, pine, maple, ash, alder, hawthorn and hazel. Aries born in late March, you should pay attention to the pine and spruce. This zodiac sign the necessary contact with a live tree, a variety of amulets and ornaments of wood need to use it will bring.
Taurus patronize oak, ash, chestnut, poplar, acacia, Jasmine and walnuts. Ash is the main tree for this zodiac sign. Male Calves suitable oak, and women acacia. Be very careful to behave with poplar, too long a contact with this tree, can deprive a person of energy.
The twins fit hornbeam, ash, maple, birch, chestnut, Fig, pear, Apple and acacia. Pronounced healing effect on the Twins has a flowering pear.
Trees-mascots Crawfish are spruce, maple, elm, willow, alder, Linden, Apple, walnut, Holly and an Apple tree. Due to the high sensitivity of this sign of the zodiac, charms and ornaments made of wood of the desired plants have a pronounced effect.
Lions should pay attention to the elm, oak, walnut, Linden, pine, Apple, poplar and cypress. Men of this zodiac sign is especially useful oaks and elms, Apple trees and pine trees.
Virgins patronize oak, alder, Apple, willow, plum, pine, walnut, hazel and grapes. They are especially useful for flowering plants.
Weights fit birch, oak, Linden, maple, olive trees and hazel. Special healing effect have birch and hazel. Libra is quite sensitive sign of the zodiac, so a variety of amulets have a strong impact.
Scorpios help spruce, chestnut, pine, walnut, mountain ash, hazel, hawthorn, wild rose and maple.
The main tree Musketeers is birch, but as energy sources, and healers can be chestnut, ash, cedar, cypress, Fig, poplar and pine.
Capricorn patronize spruce, birch, beech, elm, fir, Apple and ash. Healing effect on the representatives of this zodiac sign have hazel and Euonymus.
Aquarius suited cedar, pine, cypress, chestnut, juniper, Linden, mountain ash, and Euonymus. The main tree Aquarians can be considered as juniper.
Fish patronize yew, pine, cherry, larch, arborvitae, willow, guelder rose, honeysuckle, elderberry and birch. Aspen helps the Fish to get rid of negative energy.