According to zodiac, Aries protects drain, Taurus – Myrtle, Twins Laurel. Cancers – IVA, Lions oak, Virgo – Apple Scales – beech, Scorpions – Rowan, Sagittarius Palma, Capricorn – pine, Aquarius – figs, Fishes – elm.
Druids generally believed that humans were created by gods from different trees and tied the destiny of man with the remoteness of the Sun from the Earth in the day when he was born. Points of reference for horoscope of the druids were the vernal and autumnal equinox and summer and winter clash, so every tree in their horoscope has two periods of action. Find out your tree horoscope of the druids and learn to feed from his energy, as did the Celts.
Biophysics scientists have confirmed the ancient theory and has proven that trees do impact differently on different people – they can act as donors and vampires, which selects forces. For the middle band donors are the cedar, acacia, pine, birch, oak, Rowan. In order to bring the waste energy required by contact with the trees-biofamily: willow, poplar or aspen. However, it is impossible that such contacts were too long.
A tree close to us bioenergy, it is also possible to learn by means of thin foil sheet. It will even take the wrapper from a chocolate. RUB it with your palm and put it to any tree. If the foil will attract to its surface is a tree your friend, if the foil will stick to your palm, stay away from this wood away. But occasionally the "mood" of the tree can vary, so the better this experiment will be repeated over time.
To determine their tree , and using the dowsing rods. If you approach it, holding the frame in front of him and she starts to move, the tree is not yours. In that case, if the frame remained stationary, is your friend.
Close on bioenergy tree may alienate you because at the moment you are so full of energy and do not need to make additions to it. At the time of such unwanted contact you can even feel discomfort, heart palpitations and buzzing in the ears. If the tree is ready to contact with you, you will feel warmth and tingling in the palm, slowly offered his bark from a distance of 1 meter.