Advice 1: What is the worst Zodiac signs

Horoscopes often be truthful when it comes to good and bad qualities of people. The same characters do not exist, but was born under the same stars regularly appear similar traits. And if part of the signs of the zodiac are characterized as positive, some seem a focus of only bad qualities.
What is the worst Zodiac signs
Choose your zodiac sign it is impossible, therefore, with their flaws have to fight on their own, but it's always nice to get a hint about the nature of man with which to communicate. And the most difficult to communicate to the distributed in its most pronounced characteristics ... you could even say that each category has its worst sign in the zodiac.

Irritable signs of the zodiac

There's nothing worse than chatting with a cranky companion, ready to explode with anger at any moment. This is probably the worst feature long-term fellowship, and most often it manifests itself in Aries, the aggressor by nature and vocation, Virgo, rowdy and boring, prone to constant clarification of the relationship, and Capricorn, personal police policeman, ready at any moment to crush you with authority. Start a dispute with the representative of one of these signs is a waste of time because nothing good this dispute will not result. However, some signs with them pretty well - for example, lion is simply not paying attention, and the Calf have the patience to return the conversation to a quiet channel.

Signs that often lie

In second place in the ranking of negative qualities is the inability or unwillingness to tell the truth. The palm get Fish that fit the image is always located somewhere near the truth, but never voicing. They get it by itself, sometimes even without malicious intent. Scorpions are lying deliberately and usually use deception as a tool to achieve their goals - their nature requires of intrigues, scandals and investigations, and the role of first violin or gray cardinal fits in the scale of life values. It is best to live with them Twins that still do not listened to their stories, and the Scales, which in principle do not like to make decisions themselves.

The most jealous signs

Another terrible quality, which ruined not one cell of society - the jealousy and possessiveness. And here are the Bulls, accustomed to hold his own and owes nothing to give. Their earthiness and a tendency to simplification often leads to scenes of jealousy and elections, or when you have to choose between a Taurus and something, and then someone else - friends, Hobbies, career. Even some of the owners of Capricorns who know how to, and will not allow your family members to challenge their opinion. Next to them are, as a rule, the Archers with their cheerful positive, and Aries, who are able to stand up for themselves and fight back in any dispute.

Advice 2: Horoscope of the disadvantages, or Which zodiac signs are the worst

In addition to the positive character traits, have each zodiacal constellation has its drawbacks. Some of the most disgusting qualities of the zodiac signs. Of course, the negative qualities described below, are exaggerated and there is no absolutely bad people, as well as good.
Horoscope of the disadvantages, or Which zodiac signs are the worst


Aries is aggressive and primitive. He will go ahead, despite common sense and the obvious futility of such actions. Is extremely cruel and vindictive. Finance is very irresponsible and willing to spend it all on useless trinkets and beer. Representatives of this sign love to invent, to brag and make evil jokes, from which it becomes funny only to them. Aries suffers from frequent memory lapses, so sometimes not able to remember the simplest things.


Petty bore. At work it is often regarded as candid a weasel and a Snitch, always ready to curry favor with superiors. Taurus woman loves to build yourself out in front of her children and her husband a real Martyr who does everything for the welfare of the family. Taureans love money, so always something to accumulate and save. In terrible anger a Taurus, so no need to flirt with him and try bring him out of himself. Man Taurus often becomes a domestic tyrant, while at the same time neighbors and friends honestly believe that he's just a darling. Taurus is inclined to bodily pleasures, lustful and depraved.


This is the eternal children, who flatly refuse to grow up and take life seriously. They are in childhood until his death. Love to talk and give a lot of useless advice. They do not care that no one perceives, the main thing – is itself a process of constant transfusion from a sieve. The twins do not want to strain. Serious work is not for them. Gemini it is important to constantly be in a state of celebration. They love a good walk and I just love the noisy companies and parties, however, it is desirable that no one bothered with financial problems. The twins are stingy and do not like to spend their money.


The eternal loser and a cranky conservative who most of the time completely wrapped up in myself. Likes to engage in pointless debate, and gets an incomparable pleasure. A coward in life, but can strike first, while all of this is done solely out of fear. Cancer may be the time to pretend to be strong and successful, but really he just loves the solitude and peace.


The lion is very lazy by nature and prone to outright extortion. He has an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. It truly Royal manners can inflict on the family budget irreparable damage. Leo just loves to constantly be the center of attention. To it constantly needs to be chained enthusiastic glances. Leo willing to take risks, often without cause, so often mired in debt and countless credit. The cause of all ills of a Lion – is it an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. Without success, the lion simply can not imagine the further existence and to rise turns out not all representatives of this zodiacal constellation.


Grumpy nerd that just loves to nitpick. If you have linked their fate with the representative of this sign, be ready that you will constantly bitching about, and often for no reason. In General, it is safe to say one thing: nerves you just is not enough. Virgin can be deduced from the equilibrium state of any, even very quiet man. Virgo is a recognized master of intrigue, so it is better not to quarrel. The revenge of an angry virgin is truly terrible: it is extremely sophisticated and with cold calculation to destroy their enemies and foes.


Libra is absent ambition. It is very difficult to make a responsible decision and take responsibility. In life they were not lucky, they just are unable to wide gestures and impulsive actions. That is to say, Libra is the only inanimate sign in the entire zodiac, so from them, nothing good can be expected. Libra fearful and shift all the responsibility on the loved ones. Like to pretend to be aesthetes and connoisseurs, although plainly in no way understand.


Want to get hold of terrible enemy – make friends with a Scorpion. If not, he has not yet had time to make you stuff, don't worry – you are still ahead. Scorpio will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They are cheating, intrigue, revenge and hate. A lot of Scorpios are often cheating on their partners. It is extremely lustful creatures. If he is with you polite and courteous, so he has something you need. Scorpios love to cause pain, but they also experience pleasure from it.


Optimism, bordering on cretinism. It's hard to be happy for no apparent reason. In the head of Sagittarius in early childhood breeds a bunch of stupid ideas, which he actively tries to impose on others. Of Archer very quickly can be tiring. Family life he is able to deliver their half so much trouble that she will pray to God to give her at least a week of rest. Sagittarius love fun and noisy company with abundant libations. So would he be sitting at the dinner table all my life.


Capricorn – born tyrant. He just can't coexist with others on an equal basis. His constant lust to dominate and suppress makes it cold and hard. In family life he will start to nitpick all the little things, demanding perfection in everything. Capricorn is just not able to laugh at yourself. Everything about his precious person, he perceives extremely painful. Against him can be countered only by brute force. Intelligence Capricorn does not possess, although most people consider "stupid". This is a rare combination of megalomania with an inferiority complex.


This fellow is completely divorced from the realities of life. After listening to his reasoning, you would think that only yesterday he hung the moon. Do not borrow him money. About your debt, he will forget. The promises of Aquarius is not to be trusted. His word is worth nothing. He dislikes to work and prefers penniless, but independent existence of a long and fruitful work. It always must be tightly controlled.


It's a natural-born cheaters and liars. Used to fill at every opportunity, sometimes confusing their bullshit, but all the time trying to get out. Love to intrigue, and always try to get away with it. They cannot be trusted with secrets, in any case, they will cough up. Fish are extremely curious and just love other people's stories, where will try to Shine the mind, acting as home-grown psychologist. Inherently cowardly and always try to withdraw at the crucial moment.

Advice 3: What are the most faithful partners in the zodiac

Men for the most part – creatures are unstable. They may be his chosen in his arms, to promise her the stars from the sky and heap all sorts of compliments, and the next day start to stare at another woman. How can we determine the degree of loyalty to men? This can help ordinary horoscope.
What are the most faithful partners in the zodiac

The most loyal signs of the zodiac

Love Aries does not allow even the thought of betraying his beloved – he will be faithful as long as his feelings don't grow cold or woman will cease to interest him. As to deceive Aries considers beneath his dignity, about the change he tells himself.

Not looking for fame of Casanova and Calves – but they are quite long to choose your mate and do not hurry with the choice of the one and only. But Taurus, which is found the woman will be faithful to her, because this sign does not like change and thinks its a couple of essential part of their life.

Also famous for its constancy of the virgin, which almost do not risk expensive they relationship for a fleeting affair. However, if a man is a virgin still dare to commit adultery, the woman is unlikely to know about it from him, because Virgo are very careful and ability to keep his mouth shut.

The stars don't always decide which zodiac signs are faithful and who is not – it so happens that even the most fickle signs are faithful to their love life – and Vice versa.

Regular partners are considered and the Lions, who consider it treason unworthy occupation. Besides, having an affair is perceived a Regal Lion as the recognition of his error in choosing a life partner.

Most unfaithful zodiac signs

Gemini can easily change your partner, without even particularly trying to hide from his partner the fact of walking to the side. They do not know how to cheat and infidelity can easily choose the one who is well aware of their half, as the conscience of the Twins problems hardly arise.

Known for its restless inconstancy Archers, which is constantly tormented by a thirst for romantic adventure. The main reason for their change is the ease and spontaneity of nature archers – they don't perceive the adultery as a bad thing.

Women for unfaithful zodiac signs is, first and foremost, the vertices that need to win and go home or for new experiences.

Not differ faithfulness and Aquarius – their independence and unpredictability often pushes this token to the convergence with another woman. Aquarians need variety, so his partner is most often very different from each other. If the partner of Aquarius will constantly suspect him of cheating even in the absence of such, sooner or later, Aquarius embodies these suspicions into reality.

Advice 4: Which Zodiac signs are the luckiest

Planning child, every parent thinks that his kid was the most - most, that is skillfully combined in himself intelligence, beauty, health, luck, and other important characteristics that somehow can guarantee a happy and comfortable life. Astrologers believe that luck can really plan, because there are some lucky ones among the representatives of the Zodiacal circle.
Which Zodiac signs are the luckiest
It has long been known that each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has its own exclusive features in front of the other, each something succeeds and behind. According to astrological studies, one of the strongest characters with different sensitivity and a certain sentimentality, are Fish that embody some kind of internal energy that is not so easy to break the daily misery of ordinary human life.
Passionate and energetic, Aries are considered the most sexual sign, they ascribe the activity and a special attraction that makes them invincible in the love arena. Horizma, or internal charm - that's what distinguishes Rams amid weaker opponents.
Vengeful and somewhat treacherous Scorpio doesn't know "brakes", it has a sophisticated mind and therefore can become the most dangerous of enemies. But the most loyal are considered to be Virgo, a partner next to them feels confident and immensely happy that he can rely on his mate. Cancer is the sign of family, the happiness he is looking for and find in the family, in a warm cozy house, in a cheerful cry of many children.
Appearance is half of what is necessary to the successful man, that is why Sagittarians can feel confident to identify themselves to the rank of the lucky ones, favorites of fortune. Well-built with very harmonious structure of the body they tend to skillfully use their attraction, given them by nature. A kind and a truly big heart is inherent in the Taurus, they carry some inner warmth and enlightenment to those around them and themselves.
Gemini - cheerful optimists. In 90 percent of cases they are extremely good luck and can therefore be honorably ranked in the fight for the title of "the luckiest zodiac."
Generous Leo's really selfish, he will do everything to achieve goals and fulfil their innermost desires, these people just love to be the center of attention, catches the eye of fans and cause a storm of applause, and this, by the way, they are not so bad at it.
Do not have, as they say, a hundred units of money, and a hundred friends. This proverb are very friendly and sociable Libra, They can not tolerate loneliness, and happiness and good fortune attract new relationships and best Dating. It's not the spoilt darlings of fortune, but very successful people.
Secretive and seemingly indifferent Capricorns do not go on about their own emotions and achieve goals through an approach to business with "a cool head". Lucky they are unlikely to call, but diligently to be appropriate.
If you had a chance encounter with an Aquarius, you know, next to you the person, whose head is constantly overcome with new brilliant ideas, despite the impatience and a certain laziness of their invention can bring them fortune and fame.

Advice 5: Which Zodiac signs fit the Fish

Fish are considered to be one of the most amorous Zodiac signs. They are very romantic, sensual nature, tend to idealize their partners, so often disappointed in love. But as Fish have the capacity to radiate incredible charisma and opposite sex are attracted to its mystery, they rarely remain without a pair. Both men and women Pisces are a good compatibility with Zodiac signs of water and earth elements.

Which Zodiac signs fit the male Fish?

Among the earth signs is the ideal partner for men-Fish is Taurus. This practical and proactive woman ready to take on the role of the organizer in the family and is able to give your woman happiness, and harmony. The man-Fish would make these relationships romance and sophistication. However, over time, its softness and pliability will begin to irritate spirited woman-Taurus. But most often such unions still be happy and long.

With the signs of his element, the man-Fish has great compatibility and most fit for him, Cancer and Scorpio. Women of these Zodiac signs, he will be able to build an almost perfect relationship based on deep love and understanding. In the face of the representative of the sign of the Fishes he can find a soul mate, a reflection of himself. However, if none of the partners would not agree to take on the role of leader, this relationship will not last long.

The most suitable companion for the man-Fish among the air signs is Aquarius. This woman is able to understand the dreamy Pisces and looks at the world the same admiring and trusting eyes. But if the man in this couple will lead too passive a way of life Aquarius may end the relationship. With the fiery signs of Fish get along the worst, but a happy Union is possible with an Aries. Will he durable and sturdy, it depends on what type belongs to man. If he doesn't have sufficient commitment, his relationship with practical and active woman-the Aries will not last long.

Which Zodiac signs fit the female Fish?

Astrologers recommend dreamy and sensitive woman-Fish to look for the elect among the earth and water signs of the Zodiac. The most appropriate representative of the element of earth for a woman-Pisces is Virgo. Practical, responsible and reliable man-Virgo can be her perfect companion. Among the signs of the water element best partner for Pisces is Scorpio. The woman brings this Union of ease, serenity and romance, and the man makes his passionate and temperamental.

Another suitable partner for a woman-Pisces is a man-Libra. Partners in this Union respect the independence and internal freedom of each other, in addition, they bring together such General traits as romanticism and sensibility. At the same time, both of these sign are indecision and unwillingness to take responsibility, therefore, to create a strong and lasting relationship they will have to work hard.

Pretty good is the Union of women Fish and men-Aries, but it is found rarely, as relations between the representatives of these Zodiac signs usually remain at the level of fleeting Hobbies. With other fire signs Pisces combines bad.

Advice 6: What Zodiac sign is the most bitchy

People born under the same sign of the Zodiac, in many respects have similar character traits and behaviors. Some signs differ in vulnerability, courage, amorousness, but there is one that stands out for its temper and obnoxious behavior.
What Zodiac sign is the most bitchy

Emotion and only

Many may think that a tendency to extreme reactions, public manifestation of negativity or certain quarrelsomeness have Scorpions, as a matter of fact that they stinging, devious, vengeful. Partly this statement is true, however, Scorpions are very reasonable and always know exactly when and in what situation they can give vent to emotions, and when to hold back.

Emotional and hot-tempered lions, too, cannot be called bitchy, they react to symptoms of irritant and nothing more. Internal conflicts have little interest in them, but because they cool down quickly and return to good friendly relationship.

Deva - bitch

Horoscope says – and a lot of it is surprising, really bitchy Zodiac sign are Virgo (and - women). The earth element of the Virgins makes them human rather down to earth, but their deep and contradictory complicates the lives of people that surround them.

Virgo is critical and rigorous in relation to any detail.
With the help of his care well remembers details of conversations, and then very slyly and sarcastically make a comment to the source.
Virgo does not tolerate critical remarks in the address, since I consider myself a highly intellectual natures. In all spheres of life of the person born under this sign will try to achieve perfection, will take on more responsibility as a systematic approach to the achievement of certain results in this sign is maximally inflated.

Bitchy world Explorer

In fact, with the help of his strasnogo nature virgin trying to explore other people, to remove their shortcomings with critical comments. Virgo meticulous, sometimes too much, I can't stand the mess and chaos, they are showing their criticism, even to themselves.

From a medical point of view, Virgo more often than other Zodiac signs to suffer from nervous breakdowns, overvoltage, due to the fact that can't relax as they focus their attention on the details. Most Virgins rather calm and calculating, their minds is the most important, and the feelings they pay a bit of attention.

If you think about it, each Zodiac sign has a touch of bitchiness, but in some this trait is more pronounced, and the other is poorly demonstrated.
In many lists of bitchy characters except Virgins are often referred to Scorpions, Gemini, Aries, and Cancers.

But to determine the sign of the Zodiac, what is the nature of man, a hundred percent impossible. There are numerous discrepancies in the description of the characteristics of the sign in relation to a particular person. Often these do not match due to the fact that man was born in the days when one sign of the Zodiac flows into another, and so manifest contradictory features and unique features.
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