Advice 1: What is the worst Zodiac signs

Horoscopes often be truthful when it comes to good and bad qualities of people. The same characters do not exist, but was born under the same stars regularly appear similar traits. And if part of the signs of the zodiac are characterized as positive, some seem a focus of only bad qualities.
What is the worst Zodiac signs
Choose your zodiac sign it is impossible, therefore, with their flaws have to fight on their own, but it's always nice to get a hint about the nature of man with which to communicate. And the most difficult to communicate to the distributed in its most pronounced characteristics ... you could even say that each category has its worst sign in the zodiac.

Irritable signs of the zodiac

There's nothing worse than chatting with a cranky companion, ready to explode with anger at any moment. This is probably the worst feature long-term fellowship, and most often it manifests itself in Aries, the aggressor by nature and vocation, Virgo, rowdy and boring, prone to constant clarification of the relationship, and Capricorn, personal police policeman, ready at any moment to crush you with authority. Start a dispute with the representative of one of these signs is a waste of time because nothing good this dispute will not result. However, some signs with them pretty well - for example, lion is simply not paying attention, and the Calf have the patience to return the conversation to a quiet channel.

Signs that often lie

In second place in the ranking of negative qualities is the inability or unwillingness to tell the truth. The palm get Fish that fit the image is always located somewhere near the truth, but never voicing. They get it by itself, sometimes even without malicious intent. Scorpions are lying deliberately and usually use deception as a tool to achieve their goals - their nature requires of intrigues, scandals and investigations, and the role of first violin or gray cardinal fits in the scale of life values. It is best to live with them Twins that still do not listened to their stories, and the Scales, which in principle do not like to make decisions themselves.

The most jealous signs

Another terrible quality, which ruined not one cell of society - the jealousy and possessiveness. And here are the Bulls, accustomed to hold his own and owes nothing to give. Their earthiness and a tendency to simplification often leads to scenes of jealousy and elections, or when you have to choose between a Taurus and something, and then someone else - friends, Hobbies, career. Even some of the owners of Capricorns who know how to, and will not allow your family members to challenge their opinion. Next to them are, as a rule, the Archers with their cheerful positive, and Aries, who are able to stand up for themselves and fight back in any dispute.

Advice 2 : What Zodiac sign is the most bitchy

People born under the same sign of the Zodiac, in many respects have similar character traits and behaviors. Some signs differ in vulnerability, courage, amorousness, but there is one that stands out for its temper and obnoxious behavior.
What Zodiac sign is the most bitchy

Emotion and only

Many may think that a tendency to extreme reactions, public manifestation of negativity or certain quarrelsomeness have Scorpions, as a matter of fact that they stinging, devious, vengeful. Partly this statement is true, however, Scorpions are very reasonable and always know exactly when and in what situation they can give vent to emotions, and when to hold back.

Emotional and hot-tempered lions, too, cannot be called bitchy, they react to symptoms of irritant and nothing more. Internal conflicts have little interest in them, but because they cool down quickly and return to good friendly relationship.

Deva - bitch

Horoscope says – and a lot of it is surprising, really bitchy Zodiac sign are Virgo (and - women). The earth element of the Virgins makes them human rather down to earth, but their deep and contradictory complicates the lives of people that surround them.

Virgo is critical and rigorous in relation to any detail.
With the help of his care well remembers details of conversations, and then very slyly and sarcastically make a comment to the source.
Virgo does not tolerate critical remarks in the address, since I consider myself a highly intellectual natures. In all spheres of life of the person born under this sign will try to achieve perfection, will take on more responsibility as a systematic approach to the achievement of certain results in this sign is maximally inflated.

Bitchy world Explorer

In fact, with the help of his strasnogo nature virgin trying to explore other people, to remove their shortcomings with critical comments. Virgo meticulous, sometimes too much, I can't stand the mess and chaos, they are showing their criticism, even to themselves.

From a medical point of view, Virgo more often than other Zodiac signs to suffer from nervous breakdowns, overvoltage, due to the fact that can't relax as they focus their attention on the details. Most Virgins rather calm and calculating, their minds is the most important, and the feelings they pay a bit of attention.

If you think about it, each Zodiac sign has a touch of bitchiness, but in some this trait is more pronounced, and the other is poorly demonstrated.
In many lists of bitchy characters except Virgins are often referred to Scorpions, Gemini, Aries, and Cancers.

But to determine the sign of the Zodiac, what is the nature of man, a hundred percent impossible. There are numerous discrepancies in the description of the characteristics of the sign in relation to a particular person. Often these do not match due to the fact that man was born in the days when one sign of the Zodiac flows into another, and so manifest contradictory features and unique features.

Advice 3 : What zodiac sign is the most difficult

The zodiac cycle is divided into 12 signs, which are in turn divided into four group of elements: water, air, fire and earth. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic, in which in detail described the positive and negative qualities.
What zodiac sign is the most difficult
It should be noted that a unanimous opinion about what zodiac sign is the most difficult, perhaps, is not, as each sign is fulfilled and the positive and negative qualities inherent in his owners. However, there is still one sign that they mention with the characteristic of "complex character" is the mysterious sign of Scorpio, which relates to the water element.
Many astrologers unanimously say that the Scorpion is one of the compound characters in which twisted all the qualities, both good and bad, often contradictory and exaggerated. People born under this sign, secretive, choose your social circle carefully, as is always expected some kind of trick on the part of others. Scorpions are sensitive to loved ones, but are constantly analyzing their behavior, external features, if they find even the slightest fault, will be happy to make all the criticism.
By themselves, Scorpios are very stubborn people and achieve their goals in any way, they are not afraid of difficulties, overcome them with hard work and perseverance, so it is among Scorpions so many workaholics who require the same fanatical attitude and from their peers and especially subordinates.
Governs this zodiac sign planet Pluto, so the Scorpions can appear outwardly calm and even cold, but actually they are very emotional and sometimes even unstable. Probably this tendency to disguise, concealing one's own feelings and causes many to think that the Scorpion people, complex, ambiguous.
Scorpions have to have faith in life, on this to build their entire system of values, if it is not, the Scorpions will acquire a penchant for destruction. They often take on the role of leader , "the gray cardinal". They skillfully manipulate other people, thereby quickly and surely paving the way to private happiness. The sign possesses powerful natural charm, which is easy to log in to different group of people, but anyone close to him to keep away.
Friendship for the Scorpions – the sacred, despite the controversy with even very close friends, the Scorpions, like none, true: if a close person needs help, then Scorpio will do my best. But in the destruction of his enemy, the Scorpion will spare neither strength nor the time: they are so touchy that I can hold a grudge for life.
Such a complex and controversial does not always help the Scorpions, because you have to control your emotions is hard enough, besides excessive directness often plays a cruel joke with the star spiders.
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