Choose your zodiac sign it is impossible, therefore, with their flaws have to fight on their own, but it's always nice to get a hint about the nature of man with which to communicate. And the most difficult to communicate to the distributed in its most pronounced characteristics ... you could even say that each category has its worst sign in the zodiac.

Irritable signs of the zodiac

There's nothing worse than chatting with a cranky companion, ready to explode with anger at any moment. This is probably the worst feature long-term fellowship, and most often it manifests itself in Aries, the aggressor by nature and vocation, Virgo, rowdy and boring, prone to constant clarification of the relationship, and Capricorn, personal police policeman, ready at any moment to crush you with authority. Start a dispute with the representative of one of these signs is a waste of time because nothing good this dispute will not result. However, some signs with them pretty well - for example, lion is simply not paying attention, and the Calf have the patience to return the conversation to a quiet channel.

Signs that often lie

In second place in the ranking of negative qualities is the inability or unwillingness to tell the truth. The palm get Fish that fit the image is always located somewhere near the truth, but never voicing. They get it by itself, sometimes even without malicious intent. Scorpions are lying deliberately and usually use deception as a tool to achieve their goals - their nature requires of intrigues, scandals and investigations, and the role of first violin or gray cardinal fits in the scale of life values. It is best to live with them Twins that still do not listened to their stories, and the Scales, which in principle do not like to make decisions themselves.

The most jealous signs

Another terrible quality, which ruined not one cell of society - the jealousy and possessiveness. And here are the Bulls, accustomed to hold his own and owes nothing to give. Their earthiness and a tendency to simplification often leads to scenes of jealousy and elections, or when you have to choose between a Taurus and something, and then someone else - friends, Hobbies, career. Even some of the owners of Capricorns who know how to, and will not allow your family members to challenge their opinion. Next to them are, as a rule, the Archers with their cheerful positive, and Aries, who are able to stand up for themselves and fight back in any dispute.