How are strong signs of the Zodiac

The representatives of the strongest signs of the Zodiac are different:
- ability to set goals and achieve them;
- leadership abilities;
- endurance and resilience to overcome obstacles on your way.
Mars is considered weak if he is in exile in Taurus.

Planets that gives a person determination and great will, are the Sun and Mars. If in the horoscope they are quite pronounced, people will be able to confidently defend their rights and pursue your goals. Mars is particularly strong when it is in Scorpio, Leo, Aries or Capricorn.

The sun person will be pronounced, if it is in Leo or Aries. These two signs of the Zodiac is inherent in charismatic confidence, which in some cases comes to arrogance and selfishness.

A strong zodiac signs: Aries and Leo

Aries belongs to the element of fire. The representative of this sign it manifests itself as impulsiveness, lack of control and energy. People born under this sign has a high activity and optimism. Aries always feel a strong need for any activity, as they are full of excess vitality.
Also, Aries likes of Frank candor. That he is mind, and language. Blame its children's spontaneity and sincerity.

The sign of Aries – the first of all signs of the zodiac, and that says a lot. The main characteristic of Aries is to be first and best in everything!Representatives of this sign love to be the center of attention, they believe that others should perform almost every desire.

But Aries is given to selfless work. Until then, while born under this sign are passionate about some thing, he's fascinated by it and totally absorbed. But as soon as Aries knows that there are no prospects, he suddenly changes the type of their activity.

The representative of the Regal sign of the Zodiac can be like a benevolent ruler and a ruthless despot. Here much depends on Leo positive or negative. Behavior may be determined by the specific situation. If a lion notorious, his pride hurt and offended, he is able to control other people, taking away their power to strengthen their own.

A strong sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio and Capricorn

Also the Sun is strong in Scorpio. Born under this sign are energetically the most powerful of all Zodiac signs. He knows how to lead others, impulsive and passionate. Scorpions do not forget kindness and his old friends. They are the most dangerous enemies and rivals. The representatives of this Zodiac sign will never forget the deception and resolution of their grievances. They mercilessly revenge, believing their actions are justified.

In addition, the Scorpions are excellent lovers. No matter what the activity do those born under this sign, they always give her entirely. Among them a very large number of workaholics. They are able to overcome the toughest of life's obstacles and endure great hardship just in order to achieve their goals.
Scorpio can always stand up for yourself, but it can hurts the people around him. Also it is prone to self-destruction.

Ambitious Capricorn is perseverance and determination. Its high performance helps him in resolving even the most complex problems. He's stable in his habits and in his attitude to everything that he does. Although the expression of emotions Capricorn is considered the most cautious sign, he is able to experience deep feelings.

But the weakest sign of the Zodiac, according to most astrologers, is Pisces. They are phlegmatic, easily impressed, excitable. But there is a completely opposite view. It States that Fish, on the contrary, is the strongest sign of the Zodiac. Under their external vulnerability hidden psychological invulnerability and mental vitality. Aries, for all his impulsiveness and bravado, more weak in spirit.

Thus, we can conclude the following: each of the Zodiac signs has strengths and weaknesses. And only on the person depends on which of his qualities he will be able to develop.