It is important to understand the nature of deceit different signs

A very long time, astrologers are trying to resolve this issue. Over the years of observation and practice they were able to identify four of the most insidious sign. This is Scorpios, Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn. Each of these characters has a special, the type of cunning that is why it is so difficult to answer unequivocally which of them this property is inherent to a greater extent.

Many astrologers believe Gemini is the most insidious. All the matter in the dual nature of this sign of the zodiac. The inability to come to compromise, innate cunning and duplicity, manifested in stressful situations, talking about the undoubted treachery of this zodiac sign. And given the fact that the Twins are willing to do anything, but would not admit their mistakes, communicating with them can be quite challenging.

Scorpions by its very name is associated with deceit. This sign of the zodiac is inherent ruthlessness, unscrupulousness, the ability to go ahead. Scorpions cause love or hate in most people. And for good reason: people born under this sign, a very dangerous and insidious.
The least treacherous, many astrologers believe Pisces. These creatures are just not up to the cunning and complicated plan of revenge the world because they are usually focused on very different things.

Capricorns repeatedly in the history of astrology headed the list of the most insidious characters. Psychological characteristics of this zodiac sign are that challenges and tests does not change its attitude to the world, can't get to bring friends or go heads. But it is necessary to bring a typical Capricorn, to the maximum of irritation, and vindictiveness and deceit arise as if from the void. In this state, Capricorns can cause a lot of trouble to people spending a huge amount of time on a delicate and very unpleasant revenge. Fortunately, Capricorns quite a long time to boil, so that their vindictiveness and deceit are rarely released.
Pruszcz ahead the Rams also have rarely topped the list of the most treacherous characters. These people are easy directly to find out the relationship, even if it might lead to a fight or scandal.

Inevitably the artful Aquarius

In recent years, many astrologers believe the most insidious sign of Aquarius. Previously, he was not headed by such a list, but recent studies and observations have forced experts to reconsider. The insidiousness of Aquarius is out of its intolerance and self-flagellation to splash out on others, innocent people. It happens in moments of tension or frustration, on the contrary, and in the normal state Aquarius deceit absolutely unusual. If the treachery of Capricorn is deliberate and measured, deceit Aquarius spontaneous and terribly unpleasant, because in such moments he can't control himself. After such bursts of Aquarius goes to the next round of self-blame and self-blame, which ultimately results in another outbreak of deceit and anger.