In ordinary life, meet a lesbian is very difficult. Firstly, if you decide to approach the girl and Express to her your feelings, chances are you will be rejected. Second, the probability that a unfamiliar person will be a lesbian, is very small.
However, sometimes girls lesbian strongly emphasize belonging to a homosexual - for example, make ultra-short haircut, wear clothes in men's style, a pinkie ring, etc. However, there is a risk to make a mistake. Perhaps this girl just likes the style of unisex or she is a representative of creative profession. It is also worth considering that not all lesbians look masculine. Some of them are very feminine and looks virtually indistinguishable from a normal, heterosexual girls.
If you want to get acquainted with the girl gay, you can go to special clubs, where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. In this case you probably, or almost 99% 're sure any girl with whom you started the conversation, will be the same orientation as you. This will significantly increase your chances of success.
Almost every major city has a district where you have a tendency to gather gays and lesbians. There will probably be a coffee shop or bar where you'll be able to find yourself a girlfriend.
You can also meet a lesbian on a special swing parties for gay people. However, in most cases, such meetings are strictly confidential, and secret. They are held at a safe house, in saunas and steam baths. However, if you have perseverance you can find these parties and take part in them. At such meeting you will be able to make acquaintance with lesbians, but is unlikely to find there life partner.
To meet lesbian you can, and in the global network. Today, many online Dating sites provide services to search profiles gay people. For example, you can in your profile to indicate their orientation. This will allow other girls to find your profile by means of a special filter. Similarly you can type in a search engine of the Dating site that want to meet a lesbian. Then it will sort out and give at your request, profiles of girls who indicated in their profile that they wish to meet with representatives of their sex.
In social networks there are communities that are created for girls are gay. There you can chat with like-minded girls, and to make acquaintance with ponravivshiesya girl. Also on the Internet there are many sites LGBT subjects. On these resources you can find information about events, parties and concerts for gay people. At such meetings there is a chance to meet a future life partner.