Advice 1: How to behave if the friend is a lesbian

When people are dealing for a long time, changes in one often perceived in bayonets. A friend who was so familiar and predictable, suddenly began to behave differently. It is perplexing, it is not entirely clear how to deal with it. Can help you to understand friendly relationship direct conversation.
How to behave if the friend is a lesbian

The girlfriend became a lesbian - do I need to stop communicating

Every year attitude towards people who practice gay sex, becoming more loyal. Many of them speak openly about their preferences, do not hesitate to cause a negative reaction from others. They defend their choice, don't want to shift, hiding their preferences. Girl, he is smitten with love for the beautiful ladies, talk openly about it to friends and girlfriends. And some of them perceive this information is quite aggressive. While there is nothing particularly wrong with it. Everyone is free to make a choice who to let into her bed. Friendship sexual relations are not reflected. Behavior with relatives of such a person often remains the same.

Not all lesbians look like men and behave like men. Many of them look like normal girls. In the arms of women often pushes their disappointment in men.

To understand how to behave with a girlfriend that became a lesbian, we need to talk openly with her. To clarify how serious her new passion and the feelings she is now experiencing old friends. If she answers that the attitude is not changed, the friendship has remained important to her, she wants to pursue her, you can be sure. It is unlikely that the friend will suddenly begin to make hints, offering to expand the boundaries of communication. But in this case it is better to warn in advance that you are not going to change the traditional orientation. Tell me that you can be friends as before only in case if it is not to weave a sexual subtext. Most likely, this conversation will solve all the issues between you will not remain unsaid, friendship will be the same as before.

Do not scold a friend because she changed her attitude. Remember that it's her life and her choice. Maybe she needed this experience to understand what she really wants.

How to deal with friend-lesbian

People who took the decision not to hide from others their otherness, very often get lonely. Friends turn away from them, cannot accept their new identity. The reasons for this are very few. The fact that a person sincerely says that he loves evidence of his honesty towards yourself and your family. And don't immediately reject it. On the contrary, if a friend has discovered her secret, it should be supported. At least those that behave with her like before, not thinking about non-traditional tendencies. She will appreciate simple human support in this difficult period of rethinking his life.

Advice 2 : How to meet a lesbian

If you are a girl or lesbians and want to find their life partner, you may be puzzling question, how to meet a lesbian. What might first come to mind - just go to the vending the girl and tell her that you like her. However, this is not the best option.
How to meet a lesbian
In ordinary life, meet a lesbian is very difficult. Firstly, if you decide to approach the girl and Express to her your feelings, chances are you will be rejected. Second, the probability that a unfamiliar person will be a lesbian, is very small.
However, sometimes girls lesbian strongly emphasize belonging to a homosexual - for example, make ultra-short haircut, wear clothes in men's style, a pinkie ring, etc. However, there is a risk to make a mistake. Perhaps this girl just likes the style of unisex or she is a representative of creative profession. It is also worth considering that not all lesbians look masculine. Some of them are very feminine and looks virtually indistinguishable from a normal, heterosexual girls.
If you want to get acquainted with the girl gay, you can go to special clubs, where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. In this case you probably, or almost 99% 're sure any girl with whom you started the conversation, will be the same orientation as you. This will significantly increase your chances of success.
Almost every major city has a district where you have a tendency to gather gays and lesbians. There will probably be a coffee shop or bar where you'll be able to find yourself a girlfriend.
You can also meet a lesbian on a special swing parties for gay people. However, in most cases, such meetings are strictly confidential, and secret. They are held at a safe house, in saunas and steam baths. However, if you have perseverance you can find these parties and take part in them. At such meeting you will be able to make acquaintance with lesbians, but is unlikely to find there life partner.
To meet lesbian you can, and in the global network. Today, many online Dating sites provide services to search profiles gay people. For example, you can in your profile to indicate their orientation. This will allow other girls to find your profile by means of a special filter. Similarly you can type in a search engine of the Dating site that want to meet a lesbian. Then it will sort out and give at your request, profiles of girls who indicated in their profile that they wish to meet with representatives of their sex.
In social networks there are communities that are created for girls are gay. There you can chat with like-minded girls, and to make acquaintance with ponravivshiesya girl. Also on the Internet there are many sites LGBT subjects. On these resources you can find information about events, parties and concerts for gay people. At such meetings there is a chance to meet a future life partner.
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