Why lesbians?

According to one version, the term is derived from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos. It is believed that there was born and lived all his life, a woman named Sappho. This ancient Greek poet. She became famous because her poetry was perceived as a glorification and promotion of female same-sex love.

According to some ancient sources, Sappho still had a relationship with men, and then in her work there was lesbian subtext. For example, the Greek rhetorician and Platonist philosopher, Maxim of tyre even wrote that the relationship between Sappho and her students were Platonic, but not carnal.

According to another version, the first homosexual women appeared on the island of Lesvos, as there are practically no men. Women do not know how to satisfy their sexual needs fully, has not yet entered into mutual connection with each other. Hence their name.

Why become a lesbian?

According to modern notions of quality of life, today's lesbians have special psychological, medical and social needs. It is believed that today one or the other sexual orientation women largely depend on environmental and biological factors. These are all statements by us scientists.

According to them, lesbians are most often those women who have significant problems in obtaining certain pleasures of a private life. Scientists believe that these women just can't feel completely happy.

Experts believe that the tendency to sexual orientation is in direct proportion to the levels of serotonin. This – the hormone of happiness. Also it is not excluded that increasing the body's lesbians she wants to build a heterosexual relationship.

Lesbianism Freud

Austrian scientist and psychologist Sigmund Freud was convinced that all women are a priori "a little bi". The nature of female bisexuality, he saw close contact between a mother and her daughter. Because the mother is breastfeeding, she bathes and strokes him. As a result, the mother is the primary source of pleasure for her daughter.

Modern psychology is based on the theory of Freud, believe that today about 70% of all women in the world is bisexual. But this does not mean that they are lesbians. Although some ladies, once you try gay sex, consciously hang the label "honorary lesbian".


Unfortunately, today lesbianism is in Vogue. Health problems of girls and women almost don't care about modern society because it is believed that lesbian relationships – is a kind of style, a tribute to the current fashion. Therefore, lesbians are those women who do want to go with this label, do not hide their dubious sexual proclivities.