You will need
  • - hair care;
  • hairdo or haircut;
  • - new closet;
  • accessories;
  • - make-up services.
Start to build your image with hairstyles, as it plays a major role in the image. Be ready to change. If all your life you had long hair, now it's time to look at ourselves. If you have a truly luxurious, shiny and well-groomed tresses, do not rush to part with them, whatever you said. Hair is vulnerable to aging as well as the whole body. With age, they become dull, less mobile and elastic. If this is not your case, you can take your time to shear them.
To 50 years to look stylish with long hair, you must lay them. If in your youth you could afford to be restricted to washing and drying, now you can not do without straightening the hair dryer or curl formation of your choice. Otherwise you will look sloppy. The owners of smooth face and beautiful forehead without distinct wrinkles and fit perfectly smooth ponytail. In all other cases, give preference to the haircut. Avoid choices that make you look older too bulky, typical of older women.
Competently form your wardrobe. In 50 years you can forgive a cheap accessories and shoes, things a bad cut, too banal clothes. Pay attention to the quality of fabrics, pay attention to the stitching, finishing. Make your wardrobe boring. Choose quality things interesting cut, try layering clothing. Do not buy too making things, as well as pieces from fine knitwear that can emphasize imperfections in the shape. Of course, should be avoided and emphasized youth style: even if middle-aged women remained a perfect figure, mini skirt, t-shirts with cartoon prints or short shorts will look rather tacky.
Create your own style through details. In 50 years you can afford the most unusual accessories, massive decorations. For the middle-aged woman looks great, natural fur and precious stones, while a young girl in such things rarely seem to fit. Remember that details can make style and destroy it. Use common sense, get inspired by designers who create their collections for women of your age.