Your everyday things should attract attention with details. This might be a drapery, fabric colors and feminine forms. The most important thing is the quality of things. Clothes 50 year old women must be from the expensive fabric of noble colors and have a flawless finish. Choose a dress in a classic color scheme: Navy blue, gray, chocolate brown, black shades. However, even if you like bright and unusual things, your outfit should always be a couple of basic things to balance the image.
The most suitable clothes for 50 year old women – dresses. Dress length should be to mid-knee or two fingers below. The waist can emphasize the waist and add accessories such as a string of beads or a bright brooch.
Choose blouses and tops with a complex cut, to attract attention to the upper part of your figure. This blouse is a perfect fit pencil skirt noble color. Although middle-aged women suit and skirts of other styles, if properly combined with other things.
Jackets, capes and coats must have a good cut, have a clear shape and sit well on the figure. You will also fit long straight pants. The casual shape can be changed by replacing the jacket with soft knit cardigan, worn over a modern top, and focusing on the waist belt. Often women because of the characteristics of the shape is difficult to choose ready-made clothes appropriate to these requirements, order it in the Studio, and you have the perfect closet.
The main thing for the evening dress is classic chic. If in your wardrobe is a classic that never goes out of fashion things, you will never go wrong. Stay beautiful and elegant. Your evening outfit will give an understated finish to the delicate details of fine workmanship. Use your image of contrasting colors, e.g. black and ivory . In this dress you will look and feel refined, elegant and sophisticated lady.