If your kid is very young, perhaps he's just shy to call. And, you are stronger than he likes, the more he hesitates. If he has a page on the social networks, go and write something helpful, make a compliment to his photos. Perhaps the young man will talk about his hobby - ask him more about this lesson and let them know that you, too, it's interesting. If the guy liked you, he'd be happy to talk to such a harmless topic and the innocent pretext for the meeting. Some men consider it a sign of weakness, frequent calls, and gentle words. They fear that the girl will abuse their love and will prevail in the relationship. These tough guys decide in advance that you will call, say, 3 days later, and withstanding this period. Do not throw the guy with reproaches and questions: "Why?" Be cheerful and friendly, but no more. Let them know that spent these days interesting and useful. The more the girl Hobbies, the more she appreciates the time, the more respect will be to treat her guy.If a man does not call, perhaps, for this there are objective reasons, that you do not have a relationship. For example, he got sick, went to urgent business trip or a fight with the police. If you have reason to call the young man "my boyfriend", you can call him or send sms. In the end, if your friend got into trouble, he has the right to count on your help and compassion. If your relations develop, and you really want to hear his voice, find a pretext to call. For example, you learned the news that is likely to interest him. Or you needed help in the issue in which the guy understands. Do not tighten the conversation – if the guy was not going to call you, your obsession don't like him. If he wants to talk, he will hold you back.And finally, there is a very good reason why a guy never calls you simply do not need. Sometimes men go from bad explanations, pleading important matters. It is easy to understand: if he doesn't have time for calls and meetings with you, with friends, on the contrary, he seems often and willingly, then your relationship is over. It's painful, but not fatal. Do not impose your precious love to someone who doesn't need it.