It is worth noting that women of past generations in some way make it easier to navigate in behavioral models. Even the relationship was interpreted somewhat easier. Men, like women, have interpreted the relationship through the prism of love and were convinced that it should be looking for his only beloved. Attention and courting, kissing, and, especially, sex meant the logical continuation of a strong and lasting marriage.

Despite the fact that old stereotypes have long outlived their usefulness, and women were able to equalize in rights with men, ladies still hesitate to call the first new cute friend.

Fortunately, this step is no longer perceived as something immoral and unnatural. People today are constantly busy with something – work, school, sports, meetings, anything else. It is quite possible, the man would be happy taking the lead from the girls, because he just lacks the free time in search of his beloved and long courtship. In addition, men love it if a girl calls first, because it just flatters his pride and confirms his irresistibility and appeal. Moreover, its bell is the signal that relationships are more likely to develop.

For girls, having phone the initiative, the main thing - do not become obsessive and not to step over your pride. If you decided to call first, and the young man promised, but called back, draw conclusions and throw him out of my head. You just not interested in him.

Of course, the girl is difficult to decide on the first call though, because she's not always focused on how to start a conversation. By the way, this is the reason often hinders the man to dial her phone number. But you can call need, because there are times when a man loses your number, or incorrectly remembered it when men do not have the time or determination to make the call first, when he considered that not impress you or get a girl, etc. And here it is absolutely unimportant, who the first called. The important thing is that it happened and caused mutual interest. So, quite possibly, will soon add up another happy couple.