To the question of selection of equipment the cyclist should be treated as seriously as to the choice of bike.

The correct choice of sportswear and accessories will depend on the degree of ride comfort, safety and the prevention of typical injuries of the rider.

"Pampers cyclist" is one of the important parts of the professional equipment is almost indispensable if you plan to spend on the saddle of a Bicycle for a long time and travel long distances.
What is a diaper of the cyclist? It is a durable nylon or suede strip, foam filler, sewn into special shorts.

The main objective of this strip is to remove excess moisture and excess heat from the body of the cyclist and to prevent scuffs on the leather.

A diaper consists of several layers, the upper and lateral part which, as a rule, have an antibacterial coating and an inner filler that provides anatomical fit of the gasket to the body.
Choosing a diaper for the cyclist in the first place should pay attention to the cut of the shorts: when sewing equipment taking into account the anatomical peculiarities of male and female body, difference in proportions.

The shape of veloprogulki come in several types and take into account not only the anatomy but also the shape of the Bicycle saddle, and riding style.

Fit cyclist racer and cyclist who prefer a loose style varies considerably, consequently, choosing diapers, need to consider this feature.
The most popular is V-shaped peloponesse, since the bifurcated rear portion greatly increases the flexibility of the strip enables a tight seal to the body of the cyclist.

Next in popularity are the diapers of a cyclist with a rounded back: dense substrate absorbs vibrations and well absorbs shocks when traveling over a rough road.

Diapers for cyclists in the form of the hourglass is close to the anatomical shape of the human body, and in the male and female models short differ only in size.
In addition to these items, choosing clothes with malapantaram, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

- a diaper needs to be sewn to the shorts neatly, with no loose threads and rough seams for longer riding these seams will severely RUB the skin;

- the material from which made weaponery, can be as with antibacterial impregnation, and without it, preference should be given to the first;

- do not wear underwear, if using shorts with peloponessos: linen will RUB the skin and prevent the sweat;

- when choosing diapers for cyclist is extremely important pre-fitting: too tight shorts cause stagnation of blood in the legs and rapidly rubbed into the skin.