How to decide on parting with her husband

If you decide to end your relationship with your spouse, you must start with yourself. Living with the unloved husband, the woman often can't leave him, not because he didn't know how to do it. The fairer sex just feel sorry for people, to which they are accustomed, and are unable to find the strength to stop. They are trying to help pseudo-spouse and believe that soon everything will change. In addition, some families have children for whom women are willing to tolerate any bullying on the part of men. Do not in any case impossible. If your spouse all these years, behaved so and not otherwise, then it will not be better. To live with a tyrant or an alcoholic for the children - is silly. Understand that your kids need a real strong family. What kind of example can to give them a deadbeat dad?

How to break up with her husband forever

Once you understand the need of interruption of the relationship, think about the possible consequences. You need to be sure that resentful and abandoned man may try to avenge you and your family for such a betrayal. Assessing the situation, file for divorce, and engage in division of matrimonial property. Even if the husband did not show aggression, you still need to cease to live with him in the same area. Rent an apartment or move to a while the parents or other relatives. If you are afraid that the husband may harm you or your children, consider temporary relocation to another city or make it so that it did not recognize your new address. Children can be transferred to another school.

If you have taken decision about divorce, you have to put husband in fame. Select an appropriate time and talk with your spouse. You need to tell him about the reasons for his departure and the impossibility of further cohabitation. If you are afraid that he will prove to you aggression, you can just pack up and leave when he's out, and all the explanations set out on the sheet of paper.

When you leave a spouse, you need to avoid meetings and conversations with him. Change phone numbers, be careful not to cross him on the street. Any meeting can bring you negative emotions.

Sometimes after a divorce, ex-husbands to pursue their wives. In this case, you can turn to lawyers or to law enforcement. There will tell you what to do next.