You will need
  • Synthesizer, piano, virtual piano, sheet A4, pen
Look at the keyboard. It has black and white keys. Throughout the length of the piano repeated the same "black" groups: the next two black keys, three black. To the left of any group of two black keys is a C, or a Latin "C". Further from it up the white keys is all the notorious gamma do, re, mi, FA, Sol, La, si and again until.
Only seven notes they repeat in the keyboard
Write for convenience, this order of notes on a sheet of A4, each title with a distance key. The sheet can be put on the music stand above the keyboard, connecting to in writing with a "before" on the keyboard. Now, locate the note Sol. It will have to begin the song. Listen to the song online, or on the children's collection. If you are looking for with your child, remember the song, sing several times to the tune of "hearing".
Find the notes of the first phrase of the melody of "Christmas trees". Sol, mi, mi, Sol, mi, mi. Then straight down from Sol: Sol, FA, mi, re, do. This is the equivalent of "Little tree cold in the winter." Play multiple times simultaneously with the game by chanting aloud the phrase. Pay attention to the rhythm. The first stressed syllables of the words "little" and "the tree" will be longer than others. So "salt" is long, and the two "mi" is short. According to the scheme mi+mi is equal to one Sol. The final phrase is only a short flat lobes. Follow this rhythm in performance.
Pick up the second sentence: "From the forest herringbone we took home." La, do, La, Sol, mi, mi. And again, straight down from salt final motive: Sol, FA, mi, re, do. Play and sing with these notes. "From" La, "the forest" - to, La, "the Christmas tree" Sol, mi, mi. And so on. Thus, each syllable in both sentences you have one note on the piano. Rhythmic pattern of the first phrase is the same as the first: one long note and two short.
Connect the two selected phrase. Play them a few times for each other. Do not forget to first propagate song out loud along with the game. When you make sure to remember it off the easel, a sheet of A4 and try to play a melody on the piano without singing. Find the words in all songs. The melody is repeated all the quatrains of the "little Christmas trees".
For those who know the writing of the notes will approach the game Christmas trees on the notes