You will need
  • - toy piano;
  • - sheet music for piano or the textbook solfeggio.
Baby pianos come in different types. For example, they are divided into mechanical and electronic. In turn, mechanical come with a chromatic scale or natural. In the first case, the black keys are the same as on a normal piano, in the second they just painted. Unfortunately, the toy piano are almost impossible to set up, so when buying you should choose one that gives more or less the right sound. As for an electronic piano, there are mini-synths. Such tools can have the most unexpected design, but their essence remains the same. They give an electronic sound and the sound can be as mechanical pianos, natural and chromatic.
The piano is usually attached manual, which shows including what key, what sound should give. The instructions may be notes of simple pieces. The piano keyboard is the same as the real, only small, and it consists of one or two octaves.
On a mechanical piano with painted black keys, you can only play tunes written in C major. You can easily find them, for example, in the textbook solfeggio for the first class of child musical school, the "School piano" or teach piano. They are on the first pages. From these tutorials you will learn about the durations. The child could also be attributed to how long sound, marked with a white circle or a black circle with a stick.
Try to play play on one sound. This can be, for example, army signal, where the sounds are distinguished only by duration. Since the keys are small, will have to play with one finger. But the other fingers in a fist trap, hand in any case should be free. But the child can be immediately taught to play with all your fingers. Baby piano can be a great tool for developing fine motor skills.
Learn the melody, consisting of several sounds. This can be, for example, the song "cornflower", "Merry goose", "In the garden, in the garden." Sounds in them are located near large intervals there is a most suitable repertoire for toy piano. As a rule, in all music collections of these melodies is printed in the first pages. They can also be in the instructions for the toy, and the collection of pieces for glockenspiel or xylophone. The child will likely have just to show where to press. But you can do for him and special notes, such as those now commonly used for learning to play the xylophone. Mark each key with a colored sticker. Play record dots of the same color as the keys.
A toy piano can be part of the orchestra. His party, however, will be very simple – you can play a tune or take a simple chord, when the melody of another instrument. As a solo instrument can be a guitar, block-flute and glockenspiel. Violin, accordion or piano should not be used because they are too loud, they drown out just a toy tool.