Should I take the phone on credit?

Credit offers can now be found in almost any store. Their conditions are different, somewhere offered to pay as much money as the first installment, where something offer to get thing right at all without the financial expenditure under the minimum percentage. The problem is that the joy of acquiring new things last couple of weeks, and the loan will have to pay a few months. However, this is not the only disadvantage of the loan.

Before you get credit for welcome phone, think whether you can monthly afford to pay the extra two or three thousand rubles without compromising your budget and comfortable life. Remember, if you have loans, how much you pay and what you still have to pay. Often people see some kind of the right thing, just forget about the other debt obligations or are unable to calculate their monthly expenses and estimate how much they affect regular payments. Experts believe that loan payments should not exceed one third of monthly income. So prior to buying things rate not only the terms of the loan, but your debt load and General financial position.

It is worth considering that the cost of credit on small purchases is very high, so if you think that you need some thing, consider to obtain a credit card with a grace period in the audited Bank. Credit solutions cost much less fast loans in stores equipment.


Real interest rates on the most common loan products can vary over a wide range. From interest-free installments up to ninety percent per annum. The interest rate is determined by many factors (the number of required documents, amount of down payment, loan term). On average, rates for the purchase of equipment installed on thirty-forty percent per annum. This is due to the fact that credit mobile phones belong to the category high risk, so the creditor Bank with such high interest rates just to "play safe".

That's why credit cards are much more profitable and transparent. Most banks can issue a card with a grace period, which in some cases can be up to three months. This is the time when the loan can be repaid without overpaying. Besides, the average annual interest on such cards rarely exceeds twenty or thirty points.

It is worth considering that most modern phones quickly become obsolete, so it's possible that by the time of final repayment of the loan for your old phone, you'll have to take out a new loan to buy a more advanced model.