You will need
  • an application form for a loan
  • ball point pen,
  • passport
  • the reference work income.
The first thing to do before filling is to request the form. Each Bank application form varies, but most of the items are mandatory.
Fill in the details about loane information on what the money come from, for how long, how much, in what currency and what interest rate would suit the client (most banks set the interest rate independently, and then the client to decide whether such conditions).
Then enter your personal data – a surname, a name, a patronymic of the client, his date of birth, maiden name (if applicable).
Shall describe in detail the place of birth – country, region(region), city, locality.
Then fill the box with passport data (series, passport number, when and by whom issued, expiry date of passport).
The following are the data on the client (in which the organization works, what kind of wage).
Each Bank requests information about creditNoah history of the client (when, in what Bank, at what period he undertook the loan, paid as if there were any delays in payments). This information is carefully checked, so you need to write truthful information about yourself.
Be sure to indicate marital status, information about family members, their place of work and income.
Some banks ask collateral (in the case of non-payment of the loanand the client), it is also necessary to specify.
If the amount of the loanand exceeds ten thousand roubles, filled with information about the guarantor (guarantors): passport data, credittion history, information about income and place of work.
Details, location of the Bank usually pay in the form Bank employees.
Put the date, signature, transcript of signature, also the signature, the guarantor, if any).