You will need
  • - passport with the registration in the region;
  • card "Corn".
Get information about the creditunit of employees of salons. Select a Bank. Present your valid passport with residence permit in the region where you are going to buy a product.
Let employees "Euroset", which Bank you chose. Make one loan to one or even multiple purchases.
Take out a loan in "alpha Bank". It is available to women over the age of 19 and men over 22 years. No commissions. The interest rate depends on the initial contribution of the buyer.
Get a loan from the Bank "Russian standard". It is available to men older than 20 and women older than 18 years. No commissions.
Through "Euroset" ask for a loanof om at "OTP-Bank". Age of borrowers who can give a loanranges from 21 to 69 years. In addition to the passport of the Russian Federation, as a second document, you can present a passport, driving license, insurance certificate and evidence of registration with the tax authority.
Select "khoum Kredit end Finans Bank". The Bank offers various programs of the loanunit. The second document is accepted by a driver's license, pension certificate, insurance certificate, passport or card of the Bank.
Please note on Bank "Renaissance Credit". It requirements to borrowers the age of 22 to 65 years, permanent registration in Russia, the experience on last place of work not less than three months and a regular income - not less than 6 000 rubles per month. For processing creditand need a current passport of the Russian Federation.
Apply for a loan in the Bank "Discovery" by presenting the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation with a permanent registration in the region of applying for a loan or region of activities of the Bank. The age of the buyer at the time of issuing the loanand must be greater than 21 years, and at the time of repayment of the loanand is less than 65 years (inclusive). In the form of the second document to submit military ID, passport, driving license, insurance certificate or the certificate on statement on the account in tax Department.
Contact with your passport to the Bank BNP Paribas. The age of the borrower must be at least 21 years old. The second document can be military ID. passport, driving licence or insurance certificate.