Try to address in the address table of that city, where the person or the organization. However, to do this you have to apply in person and present documents proving that you have with this person is related or to be an official representative of a legal entity. Along with the address of the citizen of Ukraine you will need his name, and to search for organization name.
Buy a phone book of that city. However, to find a person, you will also need his full name to shorten the search time. To find much easier with the help of the categories in which names of entities are arranged in alphabetical order. So if you are aware of the scope of activities of the institution, you will quickly be able to find your desired room phone.
Purchase at one of the markets contact database of the city that interests you. Unfortunately, the base is often sold illegally, are obsolete and/or contain incomplete information.
Go to the website, select "All residents". You can find the database on this website, the room phone of a person, even if you only know the address. Note: enter an address, preferably in the Ukrainian language. Database of this site is also not the newest, but the information in them credible. You can try to apply on the website working on the same principle.
If you need to know the room phone organization, contact to the sites or, type its address into the search bar and submit the request.
Go to the website and download phonebook your desired city and the necessary software. Requests for directory part free of charge (the first 12), but if you have this directory only need to know one phone, the money to pay you don't have to.