Women blame men that they can only talk about myself, but it's possible that they're just trying to fill the empty space in communication. If you expect that a man will entertain you on the first date, and keep your distance, the result can be either an awkward silence or a tedious monologue about his person. Be open and friendly, such behavior will give you valuable points. On the other hand, leave room for a partner, alternating talking and making pauses in order to listen.

Be smart

Although this phrase has become a cliché, the fact that the brain is really sexy and smart women have a much greater chance of success in men. Try to maintain the overall Outlook, read and be interested in what is happening around you. So you will get more things to talk about.

Be sexy, but not too

Of course, you want to look better, but if you wear a top with a killer cleavage, a mini skirt the size of a postage stamp and fishnet stockings risk see escape even the most courageous candidate. Your sexuality and seduction dispense reasonably and in moderation.

Be careful

If you take calls during a meeting, it will not give you a busy and important as you would like, but rather rude. Turn off your phone or take only necessary calls. So you will give your partner to understand what he is and what he says is important to you.