From the biography of this political figure is known, that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin born 7 October 1952.

Vladimir Putin: zodiac sign

However, according to the concept of zodiacal constellations in the period from September 24 to October 23 the Sun, the main star of our system, is in the constellation of Libra, which means that all who are born in this period are considered to be born under the influence of this sign. Of course, it should be remembered that in a variety of interpretations date of birth, meaning belonging to this and other marks may vary. However, this stipulation is important only for people who were born in the so-called "boundary" dates: astrologers believe that they can manifest the traits of two signs, each of which in this period is in a transitional state. However, on 7 October is the date belonging to the constellation Libra, in all the horoscopes.

Typical traits of Libra

The symbol of the Libra sign in traditional astrology is considered the image of two scales. It is believed that this symbol is the desire of the people born under this sign, sustainability, and harmony in everything that surrounds them. In application to the political sphere, such aspirations often interpretiruya as the existence of diplomatic talent and the ability to negotiate, the outcome of which is favorable to all participants. However, according to the astrologers, if necessary, to defend their interests or the interests of their loved ones under threat, representatives of the reporting sign may be rigid, uncompromising and even aggressive, as their external diplomacy usually hides steady stance. Such manifestations are a clear understanding of their own interests may be a surprise to those accustomed to thinking of Scales as representatives of soft and compliant companions.

The impact of the Chinese horoscope the personality of Vladimir Putin

Year of birth of Vladimir Putin - 1952: he came in the year of the Chinese calendar is considered to be the year of the Dragon. Astrologers say that people born during such a year, have excellent health, optimism and zest for life. However, they differ in significant conviction in their ideals, and is able to transmit this belief to others, thus making them his supporters. Thus, these and other features, which are both credited with the horoscope personality of the Russian President, are in harmony with each other, complementing his portrait.