Fill the form for us visa on the website The questionnaire is only possible online through the Internet. For tourist visa you need to choose the profile, form DS160. Calculate in advance what visa office you intend to apply for, you will need to specify. To change these details then it will be already impossible. After you get the code file, which is encrypted your data. Print it.
Pay the visa fee. Until you do this, the interview to be recorded will not work. You can pay online by card, or by regular Bank transfer on receipt, but only in the Bank VTB-24. After payment a receipt must be shown together with all the documents. After that you can apply to the Consulate for a visa within one year. To return a collection or pass it to another person for payment of his visas.
Then schedule your appointment on the website Before this you need to register. Specify as login your e-mail address. First and last name in personal data needs to be entered exactly as in the passport. The password is not regulated, but it needs to be at least eight characters, among which must be numbers and letters. As soon as you log in to your personal account on the website, click menu, schedule appointment, this is the recording of the interview.
Select which type of visa you need (need to choose "no to immigration") and where you are applying. Russia visa application centers in the United States are located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg. Depending on the purpose of your trip, choose the visa category. The site will be a description of all categories with detailed explanations. Enter all personal information required. When you're finished, you will see a calendar with available dates where you can come for an interview.
At the visa application center bring the following papers: passport, passport, paid receipt of the visa fee, a printed questionnaire sheets with barcodes, as well as all supporting documents, which usually includes the reservation of hotels, invitations, certificates from work and from the Bank, insurance, a marriage certificate or certificates of real estate ownership.
Come at the right time in the Consulate. At the interview, keep calm. Don't be fooled by the visa officer, try not to get nervous, excessive worry, or excitement it is usually alarming, so he may begin to ask you more questions.
After the interview, you will most likely immediately say, get you a visa or not. If not, then you can track the status of your application in your account, where you chose the date of the interview.