Open the front page of the official website of the Bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" Examine the menu item "Questions", where you can learn the order of processing of the credit application, activation and card usage rates and credit limits, and also read the terms and conditions of banking services.
If you are satisfied with the proposed conditions, click on "apply". Under "Start" enter your details: surname, name, patronymic, mobile telephone number, email and address. See the separate item on the consent to the storage and processing of your personal data Bank and provide information about you to credit bureaus. In case of failure remove the tick from the cell in which it is put by default.
In the section "Passport data" indicate the series and number of passport, by whom and when it was issued, the Department code, date and place of birth, address, place of residence and date of registration. Then on the tab "Place of work" fill in organization name, work phone and address, position and tenure with the company. Proper execution of this section will increase the chances of approval of the application and the possibility of granting you a higher credit limit.
Next step complete the details on the item "Personal information". Enter your marital status, number of children, education, vehicle availability, amount of monthly income, the amount of rent for rental housing, loans to other banks. In addition, when you activate and maintain your card, you need to call the operator's maiden name and date of birth of your mother, so inform them in the questionnaire.
Within 5 working days the Bank will consider your request and then informs you of the decision via SMS to your mobile phone or email. You can also track the status of your application on the website: go to, enter the mobile phone number and the system will give response about the stage of considering your request for loan.
With the approval of the application for a credit card you will receive mail, but if you live in Moscow, it will be delivered to your home with a representative of the Bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems". To activate, call the special phone - 8-800-555-77-71 and answer the operator's questions, after which your card will be ready to work. Don't forget to put on its reverse side his signature before first use.