Advice 1: Which color fits which Zodiac sign

Color match each sign with a certain color due to the psychological importance of color for people of different temperaments. Common colors and personality traits are the many signs of the Zodiac.
The sector of 12 colors

Colors corresponding to the first part of the zodiac

Green and light yellow are considered to belong to the rams. They awaken the softness in this troubled sign and act on Rams calming. These colors can help keep the balance in impulsive Aries, whose impetuous courage often turns into aggression. As its color Rams can use these colors besides red and blue.

Accurately reflects the nature of Bullocks green-yellow shades. This color has some kind of passivity, tranquility and charm. Good for the Bulls can be blue, and to add to the character a little strength, often used red-orange shades.

The twins fit purple, gray and bright yellow. Grey as a sign of judgment and intellect, yellow in order not to miss pleasures of life, and purple is the color of mysticism and mystery, which reveals the dual nature of this dual sign.

Color Cancer blue, dark blue, grey and silver. These are the colors that best convey the infinity and reflecting heightened senses. Blue and silver need people with high brain activity, and who does not like the Crabs love to think and reflect more than anything else?

For the lions, good black color, but good will scarlet, orange, purple, gold. These rich and absorbing colors reflect the power nature. To gain a little patience, you can use blue.

The green colour reflects the uncompromising Virgins in many of life's questions. The white color characterizes their accuracy, and purple - the tendency to mysticism.

Color for the second part of the zodiac

The scales are well suited pastel shades, Navy blue, celadon and green. These colors symbolize the boundless expanse of the ocean air, which corresponds to Libra. Ease into the character adds shades of yellow.

Recommended for Scorpions dark red, garnet, ruby color. The shades of red accentuate the vigor and independence, and for the best communication skills you can use shades of lemon.

Colors of the Sagittarius - purple, blue, blue and purple. These colors emphasize the modesty and the ability to find common language with everyone.

Black, dark blue and dark green are suitable for Capricorns. These shades remind you again about the lack of imagination from this sign. To get rid of this drawback, you need to contact ashy or pale yellow, more likely to use muted shades.

Aquarians need white and blue colors. White is good for all the air signs, and the blue is a sign of tradition and even of the old-fashioned, which is so lacking Aquarius for balance.

Ziet fish, steel, bright green, blue. These colors remind you of water in its different States.

Advice 2: Which Zodiac sign is suitable coral

Corals are ancient inhabitants of the Earth. They appeared about 500 million years ago. And although coral is not a precious, not semi-precious stone, but only the polyp, after processing it becomes a very attractive appearance. Sea dweller - coral is suitable for people of the Pisces sign. However, it is compatible with other signs except Capricorn and Virgo.
Which Zodiac sign is suitable coral
The most valuable coral - red and pink, but the jewelers also use white, blue and black coral for the manufacture of pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces, commemorative statuettes and figurines. The rarest and therefore the most expensive - blue coral. Colony live corals in the Mediterranean sea, in the waters of Northern Australia, the Canary Islands, Malaysia and Japan. Corals from the Mediterranean sea differ rich red color. In Australia formed the largest colonies of corals. Japan produced black coral.
Coral anciently attributed magical properties. Priestesses and shamans wore it as an amulet against the evil eye. It was used for the treatment of ulcerative skin lesions, cardiac diseases and for restoring memory. Surprisingly, the coral and took inside. To do this, it burned and pounded into powder, and then added in tea. It was believed that this drink helps with intestinal colic and cystitis. The ancient Greeks believed that coral gives immortality and is able to influence human consciousness, saving him from depression, anxiety and nerve disorder. In Russia red coral called Wren and used as a prophetic stone for predicting the future.
Modern medicine has confirmed the therapeutic value of corals. For example, the possibility of the use of white coral in surgery for prosthesis or restoration of bone fractures. Scientists have confirmed the positive impact gorgonio coral on the respiratory and digestive systems. And some antiquarians argue that coral is a kind of mirror reflecting the state of health of the person who wears it. According to their observations, the coral changes color and acquires a defect, if his master has a chronic or acute disease, and in healthy people it always remains whole and brilliant.
Perfect zodiac compatibility from coral with the people of the Pisces sign, because they belong to the same element - water. It is believed that the Fish should wear corals brown or red-brown color. Fish are characterized by emotional instability, self-doubt. The coral will stabilize their emotional state, preventing them from nervous breakdowns and depression caused by life's turmoil. It is believed that coral helps to gain confidence to those people who are looking for a foothold in life and can't decide what I want.
Also astrologers recommend it to people who have the horoscope is well defined and Neptune. In General, if we talk about strict contraindication, coral not only suitable for Capricorn and Virgo. Other signs can wear this stone if they like it. Cancers and Scorpios, as representatives of the water element, also can feel the beneficial effect of this mineral on their fate.

Advice 3: Which zodiac sign is suitable amethyst

Beautiful and mysterious amethyst is the most expensive variety of quartz. This stone was prized in ancient times when they adorn themselves with the biblical high priests, and other noble persons. What are the qualities of the amethyst, and which zodiac sign it fits?
Which zodiac sign is suitable amethyst

All about amethyst

There is a theory that amethyst got its name from beautiful nymph Ametis, which became the stone, fleeing from pursuing her Dionysus – God of wine and vegetation. The ancient Greeks were convinced that the amethyst protects them from alcoholism and even made of it amethyst cups. In translation from Greek "amethystos" means "not leading a wild life" or "not drunken".

In the Middle ages, amethyst is composed of silicon dioxide with an admixture of iron, called the blessed or Holy stone.

The characteristic properties of amethyst are its high hardness, the color purple shade and clarity with a pearly or vitreous luster. The color of this stone has many shades – from pale violet to rich blue-red tones. The intensity of coloration of amethyst is enhanced if the crystal is short-term warm – however, prolonged heating leads to green coloration or discoloration of the stone. A green amethyst, or prasiolite, is found in nature is very rare, so get this shade of manually enriching a jewelry on new technologies.

Amethyst and zodiac sign

Modern astrologers says that amethyst is the stone of Aquarius, but also has a beneficial effect on all the zodiac signs. Aries you can wear jewelry with amethyst for the development of prudence, restraint and care. Calves born before may 1, amethyst will help to find happiness, cope with melancholy and enhance mental performance. Gemini can wear amethyst to cope with nervousness and to bring into relationship harmony.
It is believed that amethyst cures insomnia and brings pleasant dreams, if you put it at night under my pillow.

The best amethyst is a talisman for Cancers born in the period up to 1 July, it helps to boost the immune system, normalize digestion and improve kidney function. Lions will gain with amethyst calmness and balance. Virgo – precision and accuracy. Amethyst weights will help you develop a good intuition and improve personal qualities. Scorpions will get in the form of amethyst is a powerful amulet and Archers will gain understanding in the relationship. Capricorn stone will help to remove the negativity from the soul, and also to smooth out wrinkles. Aquarius with amethyst will get rid of nervous overstimulation, and Fish and he promises luck and ease when you break with your partner.

Advice 4: Which car is which Zodiac sign is suitable

Astrologers claim that the sign of the zodiac under which the person was born, influences the fate and character of the individual. That is why experts recommend that before making any decision to pay attention to date of birth.
Which car is which Zodiac sign is suitable
Recently increasingly found the advice of astrologers on various issues. Some suggest the sort of man to live together it is better to choose, while others give recommendations on career guidance, even to buy a car, it is already possible based on the opinion of experts.

What car will fit the signs of the fire element?

Fire are three signs of the zodiac – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. All these people are United by boundless energy and love of life. They are very temperamental and have a developed thinking. But when choosing a vehicle for each of these characters will have their own advice.

Now, Aries. People born under this sign love speed and risk. When choosing a car the main parameter of the Rams – acceleration to hundreds, but not the capacity of the machine or its safety. These people want to attract the attention of others. Therefore, choose a car of bright colors such as red or orange. Such unbridled temperament ideal Audi TT or Mazda Rx8.

People born under the sign of Leo, love to attract attention and show off. They fit expensive and bright cars. All requirements of the lions will match the luxury sedans class, e.g. Mercedes-Benz. The coloring is better to choose Golden.

Sagittarius is freedom-loving and active, love to travel. Therefore, when choosing a car is to prefer SUVs. Big and a little aggressive machines. Citroen C4, Peugeot 307, Ford Expedition – here's a selection of archers. A coloring mood, but most often bright and positive.

What kind of car will suit signs of elements Earth?

To the Earth element are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

People born under the sign of Capricorn, do not like to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the car they want practical, reliable, but not pretentious. Ideal - Saab or Volvo dark tones.

Taureans are practical people who value security and stability in all. When choosing a car born under this sign will pay attention not only on appearance but also on the security class. Volvo or Toyota – that's what you need, Taurus. These manufacturers produce luxurious and safe cars, and the range of colors will satisfy the discerning taste of Bulls.

Virgo appreciate the comfort and practicality. Car appearance are not important, of course, scratches on the bumper they will not tolerate, but from budget car b/u will not give up. Optimal choices for people born under this sign will be the Volkswagen Polo, Mitsubishi Pajero, Land Rover Discovery 3.

What kind of car will suit signs of elements of Air?

To this element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Gemini is a very contradictory sign. They sometimes try to combine completely different things. The car people of this sign want fast, but which won't stand out from the General stream, but still maneuverable and spacious. Perfect car for the Twins this off-road vehicles, e.g. Nissan X-trail or sedans To and From class.

Libra loves beauty and harmony in all spheres of life. Therefore, the machine of the representatives of this sign should have an elegant shape, beautiful design. These are the main selection parameters. The most suitable options that match the character of the scale - Fiat, Alfa-Romeo, Pininfarina.

Aquarians are always looking for something new and unusual. Therefore, the machine these people should be the most modern and equipped with the latest technology. Tastes of Aquarius will suit Nissan Primera or Lexus RX400h.

What kind of car will suit signs of elements of Water?

To this element include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Cancers – born in their families. The choice of machines they need to prefer a spacious and roomy car in which to comfortably accommodate the whole family. This can be a minivan or station wagon. For example, a seven-seater Opel Zafira or Mazda 6 wagon.

Scorpio is inherently selfish. It is very important to emphasize their status in everything, including in the car. The perfect option for such people – the car simply colors with a reserved power under the hood. Machine for Scorpio Mercedes Benz or BMW 5, but in a reasonably priced car, the representatives of this sign will feel uncomfortable.

Pisces are very romantic and dreamy nature. Often they are inattentive behind the wheel, so the machine representative of this sign have to choose, based on the security class and the resistance of the car.

Advice 5: What are the signs of the Zodiac, perfect garnet

Jewelry with stones you can choose not only by their appearance, but also focusing on what the zodiac signs they fit. Beautiful semi-precious stone garnet, according to the astrologers, is able to significantly improve the lives of some people.
What are the signs of the Zodiac, perfect garnet
Garnet is a translucent stone, often red. There are gems in various shades, from pink to deep Burgundy. The name of the stone was due to resemblance to pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate has long been used in jewelry, it is popular today, not only in women but also in men.
Much less common are other garnet varieties – yellow, brown. The rare emerald-green garnet.

Properties of pomegranate

If you believe the experts in astrology, garnet has magical and healing properties. This stone is a symbol of love. Lonely people it helps rather find your soulmate. Those who have already found happiness, pomegranate will give a long and enduring feeling. Decorating this gem will give joy to the soul, to help to cast off the grief, heal from depression and tendency to pessimism.

Pomegranate is not only a stone of love, it also symbolizes power and authority. It is believed that their owners it develops these same qualities: makes cowards more than the brave, superficial people – wise and prudent. It gives its owner the features of the leader and helps him to reach the heights.

Useful wearing garnet and health. This stone has a positive effect on the circulatory and digestive system, strengthens the immune system and assists recovery after colds – sore throats, bronchitis, throws heat and animal headache.

In Ancient Rome it was believed that garnet has magical properties on the female body. The stone was given to the mother to facilitate her torment and helped the early emergence of a child into the world.
Yellow and brown garnets help to cope with allergic manifestations, but it is not recommended to wear those born under the sign of Pisces.

Who is garnet

Deciding to buy a decoration with a pomegranate, make sure it fits your horoscope. It is believed that this stone is perfect for Aquarius and Scorpio. It gives the representatives of these Zodiac signs indomitable will, helps them to overcome all the obstacles that stood in their way. Sometimes he even makes them too aggressive.

Suit grenades and Virgins. They will help to find a man who will give much needed this warmth and will brighten up their loneliness. It is recommended to wear this stone and Sagittarius. It gives the representatives of this sign of power over men's minds, which yearn for those passionate nature.

Garnet is suitable Capricorn. He brings into their lives a little bit of passion, making the usually calm, calculating and melancholic Capricorn more joyful and open.

Advice 6: What Zodiac signs fit the sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. It is not for nothing considered since ancient times a symbol of purity, constancy and virginity. However, this clean, beautiful stone does not fit all.
What Zodiac signs fit the sapphire

Sapphire is a stone with exceptional properties

According to ancient lore, a ring or a pendant with a real clean sapphire helped the wearer to distinguish truth from falsehood. Talismans, amulets and ornaments of sapphire contribute to cognition of the surrounding world. A man who wears a sapphire UV color protected from unrequited love, cheating, and family quarrels.

A talisman of this stone is suitable to calm, the development of patience and philosophical Outlook on life. The most useful property of this stone can be called the ability to save his master from laziness. Don't buy cheap stones of a dull gray colors with cracks and splits, it will bring misfortune.

Sapphire is suitable for almost all zodiac signs

Traditionally, sapphires are considered stones of Aquarius and Sagittarius. Aquarius sapphires help to develop the spiritual side of life. In difficult times the stone will help Aquarius to stay afloat, not to strike in desperation. Sagittarius sapphire is needed to increase confidence, these stones help archers achieve their goals, not to lose interest halfway.
But Capricorn and Taurus sapphire nothing, moreover, can take vital energy.

Virgins sapphire need to establish contacts with people, besides it contributes to the knowledge of the world and reflection.

Sapphire softens the character of Aries, makes him wise and farsighted, adds insight that can help in the suppression of temper and emotional control. It is therefore recommended to give the rams sapphire jewelry at a young age, the magical properties of this stone can help representatives of this sign of the zodiac without loss to survive adolescence. This is especially true of Aries, in whose horoscope there is the opposition of Mars to the Sun.

Scorpions sapphire is recommended for similar reasons. This stone can soothe the temperamental Scorpions, to create the impression of harmony and peace. Sapphire helps to get rid of worries related to unopened and unrealized ideas. Besides, it may contribute to the establishment of personal life.

The stone helps the Twins to reveal their bright and positive side, promotes the search of true friends, building a career and establishing important ties.
For the Weights of the lions and the sapphire is absolutely neutral stone. So the point of purchase is lost. These signs it is better to find a more suitable minerals.

Sapphire can be worn to Fish, he relieves from laziness and reflection, helps to gather, to concentrate on life tasks.
Cancers stone gives health and confidence, makes them generous and noble.
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