Colors corresponding to the first part of the zodiac

Green and light yellow are considered to belong to the rams. They awaken the softness in this troubled sign and act on Rams calming. These colors can help keep the balance in impulsive Aries, whose impetuous courage often turns into aggression. As its color Rams can use these colors besides red and blue.

Accurately reflects the nature of Bullocks green-yellow shades. This color has some kind of passivity, tranquility and charm. Good for the Bulls can be blue, and to add to the character a little strength, often used red-orange shades.

The twins fit purple, gray and bright yellow. Grey as a sign of judgment and intellect, yellow in order not to miss pleasures of life, and purple is the color of mysticism and mystery, which reveals the dual nature of this dual sign.

Color Cancer blue, dark blue, grey and silver. These are the colors that best convey the infinity and reflecting heightened senses. Blue and silver need people with high brain activity, and who does not like the Crabs love to think and reflect more than anything else?

For the lions, good black color, but good will scarlet, orange, purple, gold. These rich and absorbing colors reflect the power nature. To gain a little patience, you can use blue.

The green colour reflects the uncompromising Virgins in many of life's questions. The white color characterizes their accuracy, and purple - the tendency to mysticism.

Color for the second part of the zodiac

The scales are well suited pastel shades, Navy blue, celadon and green. These colors symbolize the boundless expanse of the ocean air, which corresponds to Libra. Ease into the character adds shades of yellow.

Recommended for Scorpions dark red, garnet, ruby color. The shades of red accentuate the vigor and independence, and for the best communication skills you can use shades of lemon.

Colors of the Sagittarius - purple, blue, blue and purple. These colors emphasize the modesty and the ability to find common language with everyone.

Black, dark blue and dark green are suitable for Capricorns. These shades remind you again about the lack of imagination from this sign. To get rid of this drawback, you need to contact ashy or pale yellow, more likely to use muted shades.

Aquarians need white and blue colors. White is good for all the air signs, and the blue is a sign of tradition and even of the old-fashioned, which is so lacking Aquarius for balance.

Ziet fish, steel, bright green, blue. These colors remind you of water in its different States.