The word "dealer" has an English origin and stands for agent, dealer. This term refers to two unrelated economic activities.First dealer is a natural or legal person who buys goods in bulk from the manufacturer and then sells them at retail. In our country, the dealership is most common in the automotive and cosmetic industries. The dealer is engaged in the promotion of goods or services in the local market. Trade the dealer enters into a contract with the manufacturer, after which on their own bring a product or service to buyers. While this form of collaboration is extremely beneficial for both parties: the manufacturer increases sales, developing new markets, and the dealer, absolutely nothing producing can get high profit. The profit of the dealer is formed from the difference between retail prices at which he sells goods or services, and the purchase price. Also, the dealer - investor who is a professional participant of securities market transactions on its own behalf and at own expense. According to the Legislation of the Russian Federation dealer can only be a legal entity. Exchange activity, the dealer must carry out under the license. The feature dealer for trade on the stock market is that the dealer publicly announce the prices and terms of purchase/sale of securities and assumes the obligations to implement the stipulated conditions of each specific transaction. The activities of the stock dealer difficult to understand people who are not associated with the stock market. Dealers in our country can combine its activities with the brokerage. The goal of a dealer to buy securities cheaply and selling them dearly, acting in their own interests or in the interests of the client. Profit exchange dealer one gets from a paid Advisory, commissions and spread. Spread is the difference between the purchase and sale of securities.