1. "Salami". For this pizza you will need, first and foremost, sausage "salami", which is cut into thin round slices, tomatoes, olives, oregano and a lot of any hard cheese. Olives can be put on the dough whole or shred.

2. Mushroom. Most often it is cooked with mushrooms. But in season you can use any other mushrooms. They are lightly fried in sunflower oil with onions and garlic, and then laid out on the dough. Will be a great addition pickled or fresh cucumbers. To complement the meat lover's pizza can also be mushrooms. For example, use chopped marinated mushrooms.

3. Cold cuts. For this pizza you can use any kinds of meat. On the dough, carefully smeared with ketchup, stacked shredded chicken, pork, beef, sausage, ham or any other meat products. Supplement can be fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives or sweet peppers. There is an option to mix all the meat ingredients, or divide the dough into several zones for each used type of meat.

4. 4 cheese. In the process of cooking is used all 4 different types of cheese. It is desirable that they differ among themselves not only in name but also in percentage of fat, amount of salt, texture, etc. For each type of cheese needs to be is a separate part of the pizza.

5. "Hawaiian". Hawaiian pizza added chicken and/or ham, fresh or canned pineapple, red bell pepper and, if desired, sweet canned corn.