For the filling you will need:

- ketchup 280 ml;

- mayonnaise 300 ml;

- sausage tie-dye 300 g.;

- mushrooms 5 PCs;

- sausage smoked-200 g;

- 3 large onions;

processed cheese 1 PC.

Sausage, onions and mushrooms cut into cubes, add mayonnaise and ketchup. All you need a good mix.

For the dough you will need:

- 500 ml. of hot water;

- one package of (12 g.) is dry. yeast;

- 4 tables. lies. sugar; - 6 tables. lies. sunflower oil;

- 1/2 h boxes. salts;

- flour of about 800 g.

The dough is kneaded right in the bowl, and this is a big plus! After all, your kitchen will be completely clean. In hot water, pour the yeast, mix them, stir in the sugar and mix. Leave for 20 minutes. Everything just needs time to ferment.

Next, add the vegetable oil, salt and flour. Strongly knead the dough is not necessary, it should remain soft. Grease a baking sheet with sunflower oil without smell, put it on the dough and on a sheet unroll. Top evenly put the filling.

Bake at temp. 200 degrees for 40 minutes. Before the shutdown sprinkle pizza shabby on a grater melted cheese. On top you can garnish with green onions. The pizza is simply delicious and while it is quite simple to prepare.