The most popular toppings for pizza

Statistics are asking a variety of questions. In their area of interest once and got toppings for pizza. According to research conducted in Canada, the US and some European countries, the most popular toppings for pizza are spicy sausages, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, olives, chicken, ground beef, sweet green peppers and pineapples. Also about 37% of visitors are asked to submit pizzerias pizza with double cheese.
The top 10 most popular toppings for pizza are not included tomatoes and anchovies, but these products would start the second ten favorite toppings.

These different toppings

Italians pizza can be prepared with minimum ingredients. The filling is one of the most famous classic pizza — the Margherita — is prepared with only cheese, tomato sauce and green Basil. The common opinion on the necessity of tomato sauce as the essential ingredient of pizza is wrong. In contrast to the "red" pizza in Italy long ago invented the "white" pizza bianca. The basis for it is often not smeared scarlet tomato paste, and fragrant green pesto or just olive oil sbrazhivaetsya. Any white pizza with goat cheese, rosemary and ricotta. It turns out that the only ingredient, without which you just will not work no pizza — cheese. If you have a few different solid, semi-solid or soft cheeses, you can already prepare the famous Italian dish. And if in your kitchen there are few Italian herbs — rosemary, Basil, thyme — you can be sure that in any region of Italy you have prepared the dish has long been known and is melodious, beautiful name. In addition to the famous mozzarella, suitable for pizza cheeses such as ricotta, Gouda, Roquefort, Monterey Jack, Muenster, and even Camembert and brie.
There are pizza recipes, which use flavored Greek feta cheese, as well as the famous "live" Limburg cheese.

Lovers of meat can put in a pizza, anything that lies in their hearts. Bake pizza with toppings such as bacon and ham, chicken, Turkey and minced meat, meatballs, different types of sausages and sausages, including the famous salami, spicy pepperoni, and exotic sausage-chorizo. Foodies put on a pizza venison, duck and even deli ham. Those who prefer seafood, choose as toppings for pizza anchovies, and shrimps, squid, crayfish, fresh and smoked salmon, tuna and even oysters. But the greatest freedom is enjoyed by those who can't live without vegetables. After all, to cook a pizza, you can not only tomatoes, peppers, and onions, but also eggplant, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli, peas, corn, squash, and even zucchini, and lettuce.

Italian cuisine is so bright, homely and affordable, for making her "signature" dishes only need a properly prepared base — here the inhabitants of Sunny Italy is not ready to compromise on principles - a bit of cheese and the ingredients it out of the rich seem to be set right for you the most delicious.