You will need
  • epoxy all-purpose adhesive;
  • - putty;
  • - Lac;
  • - coarse sandpaper;
  • - white spirit or solvent;
  • - clean rags;
  • - glass cloth bookmark;
  • - paint;
  • - plastic primer (adhesion promoter).
A crack on the bumper of the car or to stick, or brewing. The easiest way to use the first option because to work with a welding machine is required to possess certain knowledge and special skills.
Gluing a cracked bumper is made using a universal adhesive. Such adhesives must possess the ability to interact with different types of plastic. In addition, for the repair of the bumper will need a high-quality finishing materials: putty, paint, varnish. All of these materials should have high adhesion to plastics.
Before proceeding to gluing a cracked bumper, to be restored land must be thoroughly sanded, cleaned of dust and dirt, and then degrease. On the sanded surface, you should apply a coat of primer activator of adhesion. When this layer dries, it is placed on top of the glue and glass cloth bookmark. For bonding bumper is preferably applied to the nonwoven fabric, which has cells of large size.
The patch is pasted in place of a split bumper car, you can't touch until until she is completely cured. When the patch is rigid, all of her holes from the outside is required to complete the universal glue. Excess latter are necessarily removed or thoroughly levelled on the surface.
After complete polymerization of the adhesive surface of the bumper as a whole is cleaned with grinding paper. The bumps should smooth out using filler and sanding.
The final stage of repair of the bumper will be his coloration. If it is produced with the use of enamel in the color of the body, then the bumper should be applied an additional coat of primer activator of adhesion.