You will need
  • - epoxy glue
Due to the fact that the manufacture of modern bumpers are widely used polymer materials in case of accident the question arises about the possibility of repairing plastic body parts.
For repairing of bumpers, made of plastic, apply epoxy glue. Therefore, in preparation for the upcoming repair of the bumper you need to purchase an auto in the repair kit based on epoxy. The package includes a repair kit and fiberglass.
Epoxy adhesive - two-component. In its composition contains a curing agent which is thoroughly mixed in a certain proportion (see the instructions on the package). Ready to use with glue impregnated fiberglass that is glued from the inside to the damaged areas of the bumper.
In those cases when it is necessary to strengthen the bonding part, on the inner surface of the bumper is glued to the metal mesh, which top is covered with epoxy impregnated fiberglass.
Drying, and more specifically, the polymerization of epoxy adhesive occurs during the day. After the specified period is the final treatment of surfaces: sanding, painting, polishing.