You will need
  • References, paper and a ruler, a pencil and a tape measure.
Consider the plan your vegetable garden on paper first, and then on the ground. Beds place so that they got maximum sunlight. Perfect when fruit trees cover the garden from cold winds from the North. If old trees shade the beds, and to cut them you is not going to have them trim the top branches so that the sun passed through the crown.
The garden place from North to South. If the garden is located under a slope, the landing must be carried out across the hill to the earth went down during the wind and rain.
When finding your vegetable garden in the valley, make the beds high. Don't forget about the drainage ditch to remove excess water.
Just do a comfortable and wide aisles between the beds. You should be able to pass a truck in any part of the garden.
Immediately provide a place for a compost heap. In it you will put the weeds from the garden and other residues to perarolo, and then got a great organic fertilizer for your garden beds. The pile should be a comfortable passage through the garden.
Perekapyvayut the ground for beds in the fall after harvest. Therefore, the location of the plantings in the garden next year you need to think about in the summer. Vegetable crops suck out of the land of certain nutrients. You don't plant the same plants in two consecutive years at one place. When planning your beds, consider the predecessors of the new plantings. Development of plants depends on the nutrients left in the soil.
Consider what plants will be located on adjacent beds. Your landing can do to protect themselves from pests, to attract insects for pollination, and can get together and bad effect on the growth and maturation of each other. Set plants according to the rules on the next patch. Check with reference books.