You will need
  • - The site plan;
  • - The folding;
  • - Seeds of vegetables;
  • - Shovel;
  • - Watering.
Make a plan for the infield. For these purposes, use the millimeter paper, ruler and pencil. If you wish, you can make a plan on your computer, for example, in AutoCAD. Determine how much area is ready to allocate under the beds. Draw them. It is important to note that between them passes at least 30 cm If the passages to do already – would be inconvenient to haul fertilizer, processing and showering.
Decide will the beds to be elevated above the ground or not. The first method makes sense to choose, if you have a fairly high level of groundwater. The second on sandy soils or loam, are not burdened by this problem. I must say that to make the beds – "ridges" harder than breaking the ones that are on the same level with the ground. It is necessary to remove the top fertile layer of soil, a wooden curb, fill it two-thirds of plant debris (with the exception of the roots of perennial weeds), cover the compost with earth and the return of previously removed soil. Whereas for conventional beds only enough to settle the compost and shoveled it.
Plan the placement of certain vegetable crops in advance. Make a rotation. Remember that the same Botanical family should not grow in the same bed two years in a row. Ideally, not worth it to return to its original place, at least 4-5 years. The exceptions are perennial berries (strawberry, strawberries) and green vegetables (sorrel, chives, etc.).
Allocate the beds according to the light plot. Practice shows that leafy vegetables grow well in the beds, illuminated by the morning sun. Also belongs to the cruciferous root vegetables – radish, garden radish, turnips and rutabaga, which are long photoperiod strelkovtsy quickly, throwing away the stems. As a result, the quality of root crops is significantly reduced, they have become like wood and fibrous. Strawberries, zucchini, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, on the contrary, grow best in Sunny areas. Most desirable the sun for them – day and night. Placing the beds, certainly mention it, and observe the agricultural techniques, and then your yields will be envied by all neighbors.