Hibernate mode (sleep mode) is a special power saving mode. It allows you to save all the information contained in the computer memory to the hard disk before shutting down the personal computer. It turns out that the computer in hibernation mode is disabled, but immediately recovered after its launch. This mode is in all versions of Windows operating systems starting with Windows XP.

Windows 8 has undergone many different changes, including changed the hibernate mode, which now include using a conventional pressing in the menu impossible. For users, by default, only shutdown of the personal computer, restart and hibernate. Naturally, people accustomed to hibernate this fact stumped, but the real problem can be solved.

The first way

First, you must go to "control Panel", where you find the "System and security". There will be a variety of different settings, but to enable (disable) hibernation need to find the option power options. After the window refreshes, in the left menu you must find the item "power button". After clicking, choose "Change is not available at the moment settings" and set a tick against the field "hibernation Mode". After confirming all changes, the user will be available the following: Sleep, hibernate, shutdown and restart. This item can be found in the menu on the right in the "Off".

The second way

You can use a different method. For this we need to go to the start menu and in search field enter cmd, and then start the search. In the result, there will be an application that opens a command prompt which you should run as administrator (click right mouse button on the icon and the item "Run as administrator"). Directly on the command line you should type the following command: powercfg.exe /hibernate on and confirm the action by pressing Enter on the keyboard. The command line can be disabled. In the end, the shutdown menu the computer will be available hibernate.

To disable hibernation, you must repeat the same procedure, only the tick from "hibernate" should be removed or to enter a team powercfg.exe /hibernate off (depending on how you run hibernate mode). It is worth noting one important caveat, which is that in Windows 8, all the information is stored on the technology of hibernate core. In this regard, the exit is much faster than in previous versions of the Windows operating system.