You will need
  • computer;
  • - administrator rights.
Go to "start menu" and find "control Panel". Click "Hardware and sound", and inside it, find "choose what the power button". It is in the list, in the left pane of the window. Can also click on the desktop shortcut "My computer" and select in the left part of the tab called "control Panel".
Select which action the computer performs when you press the power button — that is, "Sleep." Now every time you press the power button on the system unit, the operating system will suspend the job and off. Make the required settings in the item "Password protection when waking". If you select "Request password", and the password to your account is not specified, the operating system will ask to ask it.
Password try to create a hard, that he was neither what is, and was a kind of combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Click on the "Save changes" and you will return to the previous section. Go to "setting sleep mode" and set the required parameters. So you can leave the computer in sleep mode it will leave on their own after a given idle time.
When you activate sleep modeand the operating system saves the current data to the hard drive. Frequent "visiting" a sleeping modeand on the hard drive lots of space on the hard drive will go to the storing of temporary files, therefore you should not keep the PC on modee sleep — Wake. Try to use this function on the computer in extreme cases. Typically, the computer needs regularly to rest that all the components do not overheat and worked in normal modeE.