The symptoms of stomach ulcers

At the initial stage, stomach ulcer symptoms, which are always present in gastritis with high acidity. The patient may be bothered nausea, sour belching, heartburn, bloating, indigestion, vomiting. Burning pain occurs in acute ulcers, after violation of diet, intake of alcoholic beverages. In acute ulcer of the stomach in the stool there is blood. The body weight of the patient is reduced as a result of systematic vomiting, nausea and lack of appetite.

Diagnosis of gastric ulcer

When conducting clinical analysis of blood was only a slight increase in red blood cells, accelerating their rate of sedimentation. Anemia and leukocytosis are diagnosed with a bleeding stomach ulcer. In analyzes of feces may contain occult blood. Daily monitoring of intragastric pH allows you to determine acid-forming function of the stomach. Contrast radiography gives an opportunity to consider the change in elevation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Endoscopic examination is the most informative method on the basis of which the exact diagnosis is. With the help of an endoscope can be traced to their location, shape, depth of the defect in the mucosa and submucosa of the stomach, there is a collection of material for biopsy and histology.

The treatment of stomach ulcers

The patient to individually select a dose of antisecretory drugs, recommend taking antacids. If the ulcer is caused by a gram-negative spiral bacterium Helicobacter pylori, prescribe antibiotic therapy.

The patient must change their lifestyle, give up bad habits and to observe sparing diet. No scarring with the full treatment – a reason to reconsider the therapy and if necessary surgery.

Elective surgery is carried out with unsuccessful conservative treatment, with cicatricial stenosis of the outlet, rebleeding. Emergency surgery is indicated for perforated ulcer, the symptoms of which is severe abdominal pain. Ulcer perforation and profuse bleeding – a condition that threatens the patient's life. Ulcer of the stomach should be promptly and fully treated to avoid serious consequences.