A stomach ulcer is called damage to its mucous membrane at the outlet and in the upper third of the stomach. This damage penetrates deep into the stomach wall. If the gastric wall burst, stomach contents and juices to penetrate into the abdominal cavity. Subsequently, it can cause inflammation underbelly. The rupture of a blood vessel due to ulcers can cause gastric bleeding. In this case we need to contact the doctor for medical assistance. A feeling of pressure after eating refers to the signs of possible rupture of the gastric wall or blood vessel. Causes ulcers can be very diverse: psycho-emotional stress, heredity, high acidity, poor circulation. Also, stomach ulcers can cause certain types of medication.


For the prevention of gastric ulcers is enough to observe a small number of rules. Lower risk of the disease a stomach ulcer people leading a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to pay attention to the food, move more. Breathing exercises and sound sleep are also the prevention of stomach ulcers. To reduce the risk of developing stomach ulcers, you should reduce the amount of use of tobacco, alcohol and coffee. The food you eat a varied and regularly. The less a person is exposed to stressful situations, the lower the chances of getting a stomach ulcer.

If has burst ulcer, or how to remove pain

Almost always people start to feel the approach of stomach ulcers for some time before its occurrence. Of course, not be the exceptions and those cases when the pain occurs abruptly and suddenly. Most people are not ready for such a situation, and he is not need medication. In this case, you can help of improvised means, which can be found in each house. You can help in this way: to grind fresh chicken egg yolk, add about the same amount of cocoa powder, butter and honey. The mixture should be stirred until then, until it becomes homogeneous. Every three hours to eat one tablespoon of this mixture. But it should happen no later than half an hour or an hour before meals.

The first attack of pain in gastric ulcer usually passes very quickly. However make inside the mix you need for two weeks. The number of servings of the mixture per day should be not less than five tablespoons. This is followed by a break for two weeks, after which the course may be repeated once. This remedy really helps people who just got a ulcer and ulcer with experience. Undoubtedly, the use of this mixture also need to follow other preventive measures.