One of the most popular for weight loss is the belly dancing. In addition to losing weight this kind of dancing will get rid of health problems in the pelvis, normalize metabolism. Women who regularly engaged in Oriental dances, decreases the volume of the waist, forming a beautiful line of the hips, strengthens the press. And plastic that accompanies the belly dance, will add confidence in themselves and their beauty.
Classes of classical choreography - another effective remedy to reduce. It is believed that the exercise machine can perform only children or youngsters but can be enjoyed at any age. During lessons, tense all the muscles, and the toes stretched. In that position, and skinny legs, muscle be a relief, not increasing in volume. When ballroom dancing improves posture, and due to the absence of sharp and fast movements they can engage people with health problems. However, for the ballet class is very important warm-up at the beginning of class and stretching at the end to avoid injury and damage.
Strip-dance allows women to gain confidence in yourself and the plasticity of this temptress. In addition, women dancing a Striptease, always lean strong muscles that allow you to grasp the pole. When engaging a strip of plastic, you can remove the extra pounds and emphasize a feminine shape.
Energy-intensive, and thus contributing to weight loss, are considered R'n'b-dance, hip-hop and break dance. With their help it is possible to acquire in good physical shape, stamina and a flexible slender body. Moreover, bonus will be the opportunity to Shine at the party to upbeat appropriate music.
With the help of Spanish flamenco you can get rid of extra pounds in the neck, arms, upper back, strengthen the hips and calf muscles. Thanks to rhythmic movements in the dance to achieve plasticity, grace and elegance.
Hot Latin dances (cha-cha-cha, Mambo, salsa, Rumba, etc.) will help to burn a lot of calories, adjust the contours of the body, improve heart rhythms. Additionally, dancing allows you to work with problem areas many women buttocks and thighs.
Fast Irish dancing allows you to get rid of the hated fat and is primarily aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the legs, which make many movements. Along with weight loss Irish dancing will help in the fight against cellulite and sagging skin.
Step also mainly aimed at the fast footwork, so for those of you who think feet are your problem area, you can stop the choice on it. Considering the buttocks and thighs, forming a beautiful line of legs, but also develops a sense of rhythm.
The now popular trend in fitness is considered to be the Zumba program, which includes several dance styles. It can be equated to cardio, it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Weight is dropping pretty quickly, strengthens the muscular system, and also increases efficiency.