Such unusual jewelry ear cuffs called (from the English. cuff, cuff). A distinctive feature of the cuff is the fact that wearing them does not need to have pierced earlobe.

History cuff

The origin of this unusual decoration has its roots in Ancient India. Even in a modern wedding the bride can notice Kaffa. In the 18th century Kaffa was worn by personages of the Imperial family, in order not to weigh down the lobes of their ears heavy ornaments with plenty of precious stones. The entire 20th century Kaffa was very popular. Fickle fashion gave priority only to the forms of the cuff, leaving the decorations at the peak of popularity for all time. However, in the Soviet Union, these decorations are not widely used, therefore, in Russia Kaffa can be considered a brand new fashion trend.

Cuffs for every taste and occasion

Usually cuffs are jewelry, but there are jewelry cuffs made from silver or gold. They are fixed mainly by means of the bow behind the ear or clip over the edge of the ear. Some models have a combined cuff fastening, which may require a puncture in the earlobe. Usually cuffs are worn only on one ear. A huge variety of cuff allows everyone to choose the decoration for the shower. Cuffs can be made in the form of animals or birds, with stones and rhinestones, chains, spikes, crosses and skulls. Lately not rare cuffs with feathers or in the form of elven ears.
A huge variety of cuff allows you to wear them in any situation and under any conditions. Large and bright cuffs can be worn to the party. For business meetings perfect little cuffs with small chains or without them. To date, you can choose romantic cuff in the form of elven ears. Even the wedding dress you can choose the elegant and feminine cuff in the shape of butterflies or flowers with small clear rhinestones or pearls that will add the bride's personality and style.

Today, cuffs are coming back into fashion, winning more and more hearts. They are celebrities, they include in their collections of famous designers. The rich variety of these earrings complements the fantasy images of dragons and elves. Insanely popular was to make cuffs with their hands out of wire and accessories. If you want to do for yourself author's Cuffe independently in the network without any problems, you can find a lot of various workshops on this subject.