When buying earrings, pay attention not only to their design but also how the lock is equipped with a particular model. The most reliable is the English lock. He well captures the ornament in the lobe and not liable to spontaneous unfastening. English castle should be fastened tight enough, it does not scratch the skin and do not squeeze the lobe.
Be careful with earrings, suspended on a simple headband without clip. They cling to the hair and can easily and quickly fall out of ears. To lock it more securely, wearing earrings, attach the bow silicone plugs with which the ornament was sold at the store. They can be replaced in small pieces, cut from an eraser.
A more robust loop, features fastening. The only disadvantage of such models – they are difficult to fasten to the ear, in addition, a simple lock can easily loosen. Wearing the earring, be sure to check if caught the tip of a loop over a triangular mount, otherwise you may not notice how the earring will slip out the earlobes.
Easy to lose and earrings-ear-stud, provided with a rod, which fits a removable metal clip. The peculiarity of this model is that often the not lost earring, and the castle. Buying Pusey, check how easy it is put on retainer. If it freely slides on the rod, look for another pair. Cloves must be firmly fixed in the ears.
Not too good a castle can be improved. For example, you can buy or order a more robust latches for poset. A simple loop can be supplemented by a counterweight, so that the shackle does not turn or attach the clasp for a more secure. To get the job done efficiently, go to a good jeweler.
To protect the earring from loss, be sure to remove them before swimming in the sea, river or pool, not take a shower or bath. And, of course, don't forget to remove the earrings, going to the sauna or bath. Do it in advance. If you had to remove the decorations outside the house, gently take it in your purse or makeup bag. Do not put them in his pocket – lightweight earrings will fall out.
Develop a useful habit – from time to time to check for earrings in the ears. If you suddenly find missing, lost decoration can be found. Be especially careful with light models, they leave the ear completely unnoticed.