To start making money on Avon products, you need to register and become a representative. Earnings representative based on direct sales, i.e. your salary directly depends on the number of products sold. At this stage it is important to acquire a large number of clients and to learn profitable presentation of products. Your earnings will be 15 - 31% of the amount of products sold. The percentage depends on the amount of the order. The larger the amount, the higher the percentage. Representative of Avon can be the age of 16. There is an opportunity to combine work in Avon with the main work or studies.
If your activities as a representative of the company is successful, you can become the coordinator of the Avon. The coordinator manages several representatives. If you become a coordinator Avon, you will have passive income. The more your team members, and the more successful it will make sales, the higher you will pay. There are several levels of promotion on the post of the coordinator: coordinator, Junior coordinator, senior coordinator, senior coordinator. The coordinator depends on the number of subordinated representatives.
For coordinators provided five-step free training. After graduating from the five stages of learning, the coordinator receives a certificate of completion of a full course of study in Avon. System also provides incentives for successful coordinators from gold jewelry to paid travel abroad.
The next step in the career Avon is the release of the leader of the company. As well as coordinators, leaders have multiple levels: Junior leader, leader, senior leader, senior leader. The leaders of Avon are subordinate to the focal points. Now it becomes more clear how to use the model of network marketing in Avon. To reach a stable passive income, you need to go from simple representative to the leader of the company.
And top career growth in Avon is the company managers. Managers are subordinate to the leaders of the company and present levels: Manager, senior Manager, senior Manager and Deputy Director. The duties of the Manager are not product sales, and company development, organization, training, etc.