Exemption from a ring on your finger has become an obsession, from which men become Skoropadskyi in their conclusions and often make irrevocable, it is not always the right decisions. One thing is clear in this situation: we must act. However, there are often doubts about whether to wait some more or just file for divorce. The experts say that the cheating wife is not only a psychological trauma for her husband, but a cruel blow to his ego, which are often quite unexpected. Since happened is that your spouse chose the side, in any case, do not reduce your self-esteem. Realize that you are in no way inferior to her lover, do not forget about their physical and mental qualities. Discuss with your wife what happened and find out that it was not satisfied in your family life that led her to take this step.
Most importantly - all of the incident you need to respond with dignity should not be down, resorting to scandals and conflicts. Female adultery is a treacherous act, and should not allow his wife to humiliate you even more. In any case, do not drown my sorrows in alcohol. This will only aggravate the situation and will not help solve the problem. Don't try to learn about who is attracted and lured your faithful, be above it, because like it or not, and impending divorce to a greater extent blame the wife.
Do not forget about that partially in adultery there is your fault. Rethink the way your family life before the incident. Maybe you showed to your wife enough attention, and this greatly offended her. In addition, it happens that the wife took revenge on you for your own holes or casual relationships on the side, and she knew that you had another girlfriend. Perhaps the wife has long been in solitude for some reason, she could not accept the betrayal without a specific reason.
In any case, before her husband is a difficult question: what to do next and how to get a divorce. If you realized that you can't forgive infidelity of the spouse, then it is better to file for divorce. Couples without children can divorce without fanfare, but in case you have children, you have to go to court. In your application you must indicate the reason for the divorce. Some men voiced the fact of betrayal by a sweetheart, and some try to hide it.
In addition to statements about divorce, you need to make a claim on property that was acquired jointly in marriage. Remember that you still need to decide with whom will live children after your separation. Usually, the court gives preference to the mother, but you have every right to see them several times a week. In some cases it is possible to challenge such a decision, and leave the children with the father.
Application for recovery of maintenance for minor children is written by a person with whom they reside. Some people believe that to file for alimony humiliating, but you have to understand that not doing this for herself but for her offspring.
After the preparation of the documents necessary for a divorce, you pay a state fee, the amount of which will inform you and only then your application will be considered.
Even if you decide to stay with your beloved, remember that to regain the trust and respect to each other will be very difficult. The pain of betrayal will remain for a long time, but in the case of forgiveness live in the present, not reminiscing about the past and not reproaching the wife of her errors.