You will need
  • - wheels-Off Road Coordiant R15, wheels – Sniv;
  • pipes ВГП25х3.2 – 7,90 m 2 pieces (frame);
  • pipes ВГП20х2х8 – 6,10 m - 2 pieces (suspension arms, etc.);
  • - silent blocks, bolts, nuts, etc.;
  • - two rear axle from VAZ 2101;
  • - hub - 2109;
  • - fists from 2108 complete with discs, calipers, etc.;
  • - drive shafts from the VAZ 2108;
  • - millennia reducer from vases;
  • - engine, front springs, rear shock absorbers of the Oka, as well as grenades, cups, springs and so on.
To speed up the standard main couple in PPC Oki replace the chain drive.
Using water tubes, weld the frame, make the skeleton of the ATV. As the rear suspension take the cropped rear axle from the classics, hubs use 2109.
Slip the left motor to the angles of the CV joints was smaller and the carb fit under the body.
Modify the shift linkage. Right on the rod to make the lever position to activate the gear, and the left pedal on. Carved elongated new stock (lever) to shift gears.
Install the transaxle with a new stock frame. The knuckle head from the VAZ 2109, and steering the fry can be made most of plate thickness of 8 mm.
Pick up wheels for Quad bike, good off-road tires Off Road Coordiant R15 and wheels – Sniv (outer tyre diameter of about 65-66 cm, width 21 cm). To install wheels from the Fields into the hub from the VAZ 2109, make a special adapter.
Start making matrix for lining the Quad. To do this, buy resin, fiberglass, foam, find a very thick cardboard. Make a frame out of cardboard, reinforce and treat all with foam. After drying spend sanding, coat the matrix of the separation layer.
Put the ball from 2109 and the steering nozzle from the UAZ. Take the wheel of the motorcycle "Minsk" or "Ural" (22 or 24mm).
Make on the whole boob parts: rear wings, the front with places for lights, a tunnel under the dashboard, fallback. Make the middle part removable to access the engine.
Buy the appropriate optics. Collect electrician connect the generator, battery, ignition, lights, etc. the dashboard take off the Oka.
Disassemble the car and paint all the details. Then assemble back and test the new equipment.