To rest your nerves, women initially, you need to accept the fact of polygamous men. If he stares at the beauty, not necessarily that he will be attacked.
There are, of course, those who dare to go to the left. And even if it was only once, to forgive is not so simple. What to do in a situation of male infidelity, when the family means so much and go there is no desire in both partners? A woman should begin with the fact that to think carefully and to understand yourself: is it ready to live "on edge", being nervous and worrying even for a five-minute delay, not whether it will be in any situation, even without reason to believe that he was on the other.
Step one: understand
The husband is likely to stand before you on my knees, weeping, wringing his hands and saying that it was the first and last time. You certainly don't want to hear his excuses, because they are stupid and pathetic? But, it is better to listen to. However, listen to him. You can even ask questions: who is she, what it is, why it happened, that he liked it, and what repels. It will seem absurd, but you and him will become easier. In addition, you will be able to write for yourself some notes. For some reason he cheated on you and something husband is still not enough. It is important to understand what, exactly, to rectify any flaws in yourself and in relationships.
What not to do
First, scream, make him guilty of all sins and roll daily scandals spoil the nerves themselves and husband. No need to look for "home wrecker", to drag her by the hair and throwing accusations. Men don't like troublemakers, and the chances that after all this he will leave, only grow. Yes, and you only screw yourself.
Try to take revenge. Sense to pretend that you have a lover or you are somebody cares, and especially to do it really? This will only hurt his ego and manhood, and themselves will not do.
Search for the guilty. Nobody's fault it happened. Just accept it and never think.
Step two: forgive
To forgive a cheating you will only be able after you understand it, accept what happened and stop to dwell on it. To calm down and not to blame himself, of course, be easier if you begin to care for themselves: the procedures in beauty salons, new clothes and style. Not only will this distract you, but, believe me, will surprise and will interest your husband; you will again become attractive and desirable.
To forgive infidelity, but if you really want it and are willing to forget. It is to forget, and not to defer into the far corner to the next scandal to get out and RUB her husband's nose in it like a playful kitten.